Ciné Club at AFK: La cour de Babel

Join the Ciné Club at the Alliance Française de Karachi every Tuesday to enjoy a French film with English subtitles!

2 April 2019: School of Babel
French director Julie Bertuccelli’s non-fiction film looks at a class of immigrant kids in Paris’s 10th arrondissement. The footage, shot over the course of a year at the Granges-aux-Belles secondary school in Paris’s mixed 10th arrondissement, focuses on a special “reception class,” where students who speak little to no French are welcomed and taught the language as well as regular school subjects, with special attention paid to trying to get everyone up to the level of their French peers so they can then eventually join the school’s regular classes.

Venue: Alliance Française de Karachi
Dates: 2nd April 2019
Days: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 to 8 PM
Fee: Free entry, open to all
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