Citi Associates – Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services

Citi Associates - Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment ServicesCiti Associates comes with people who have acquired a rich experience of around 16 years in the field of Real Estate Consultancy, Brokerage and Investment Services. Citi Asscoiates has the experience, skills and manpower to handle all your needs on an individual basis or on a corporate level hence helping you achieve your short-term objectives and long-range goals.

Whatever side of the transaction you are on — tenant, owner, seller, buyer or developer — the real estate decisions you make today will significantly impact you or your business now and for years to come. This is particularly true in the highly complex marketplace like Pakistan where change is a constant and there is a need of timely solution with the right combination of expertise, experience, negotiating skills and management systems. The hallmark of Citi Associates success has always been extraordinary service and attention to detail. Citi Associates make each of their clients a priority regardless of size. Whether large or small, as a Citi Associates client you have access to the full complement of resources and the commitment of management.

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Citi Associates set apart and maximize your success by their commitment and involvement in every aspect of relationship. They have years of real estate experience, from both the landlord and tenant sides, in a broad range of transactions that are underscored by expertise with true depth and breadth. They can assist you based on their experience in the area of niche real estate projects in targeted geographic areas, real estate investment advisory or strategic real estate planning.

Citi Associates are committed to providing you with value-added, timely solutions. They combine their unique insights into the marketplace with a thorough understanding of your business/real estate needs. By utilizing their extensive network of relevant resources and applying their marketing and reference management strategies, they offer responsiveness and a passion for success that’s driven by Citi Associates pride in building lasting relationships.


Citi Associates offers comprehensive services from selection of site and feasibility studies to construction and property management. The range of properties included in our services includes lands, open plots, warehouses, showrooms, workshops, offices, bungalows and apartment buildings.

  • Buy and Sell: Citi Associates’ take pride in their ability to rapidly gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs and objectives. They then apply their unique experience and creative abilities to develop the right approach: the best possible positioning of your property in the marketplace based on market conditions, industry sectors and traffic trends. They implement the sale / purchase strategy approved by you — seeking out the right prospects, spreading the word across their extensive network, creating and placing ads, attracting prospects at their website or a proprietary site, conducting walk-throughs with full attention to detail, and more. Just as important, and at all times, they communicate with you every step of the way.
  • Rentals: Citi Associates’ hands-on approach and positive attitude has benefited property owners for more than 15 years. Through their full range of services, they strive to achieve that delicate balance between a landlord’s financial goals and a tenant’s complete satisfaction. They provide expert property rental value assessment, careful cultivation of the opportunity to their references and network in the market place. They combine these services with a steadfast commitment to the best available resources and exceptional tenant relationships that include guaranteed same-day call-backs and timely, high quality solutions. Whatever it takes, trust in Citi Associates to rent out your property in a timely fashion to the right tenants at the right price.
  • Investment: Citi Associates’ make it their business to understand your business and needs— its current status, future ambitions, image and relative considerations, unusual physical requirements plus any long-term considerations. They make a detailed analysis of the specific needs and objectives at hand. They then provide property recommendations that are appropriate based on your budget, your timeline, existing real estate conditions and likely future market trends. They work with you throughout the site selection and leasing process — applying their extensive experience on both sides of the leasing transaction. If subleasing of existing space is required, Citi Associates draw on their expertise and extensive resources until they have achieved a conclusion that is satisfactory to all parties

Message from the CEO – Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani

Muhammad Shafi JakvaniI am also honored by you taking time have an insight on our business philosophy. This website will not only provide you with updated information on the industry but also a channel to better understanding of the dynamic real estate business.

Past ten years in the real estate market has assured the fact that this highly competitive market cannot be won by just following the market trends. Ever changing geographic condition of any area within the country determines the rise and fall of property value. With country like Pakistan driven strongly by political and economic conditions, one has to have a diligent advisor when it comes to management of property.

As the slogan for my company says aloud “Serving Your Interest”, there is lot more than just need assessment that is required in order to serve the customer. We at Citi Associates stretch ourselves to ensure impeccable customer and business management.

As a CEO, the personalized approach to handling customer is reflected by me and by each of our team member as well. We look forward to keep it that way to “Serving Your Interest” always.


  • Address: Suite No. 27, 2nd Floor, Glass Tower, Main Clifton Road, Karachi-75600
  • Land line: +92-21-5639696-99 (4 Lines)
  • Fax: +92-21-5639695
  • Email:
  • Website:

Contact Person

  • Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani – 0300-8299101, 0321-8299101 (DHA Karachi & Clifton)
  • Mr. Ali Raza Shaikh – 0321-8793654 (DHA City Karachi)
  • Mr. S. Jamil – 0321-8883222 (DHA City Karachi)


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  1. Wg Cdr (Rtd) Raza Hemani says:

    My client wants to sell his 2000 yds plot in zone D, phase VIII, 38 street, close to imambargha. What you suggest his deman should be?


  2. Syed Zaidi says:

    I want to know what is happening in phase 7 ext. I have a corner plot 100 commercial on main road, can you tell me should I sell it now or hold it at this momemnt.

  3. TS Alavi says:

    I have a 500 Sq. Yard residential plot in Coastal St.No.1. What amount can I expect if I sell it in couple of months time , say July/August 2013.Please let me know.

  4. ahmed says:

    i want to buy a 500 plot in DCK, what is price band and is it possible to have plot wise map available, too

  5. vipin malik says:

    Dear Sir,
    Following 2 properties situated in Karachi were
    Purchased jointly by 3 brothers who migrated
    from India to Pakistan in 1947, they returned to
    India after some years did not return to Karachi
    and already died in India, legal heirs of owners of these buildings are living in India and they want to
    sell these 2 buildings as it is

    1. Mian Mohd. Yahya
    2. Mian Mohd. Yahyaa
    3. Mian Abdul Chatique
    All sons of Late M.Mohd. Ismail
    Hope you will take interest and will let
    Me know present value of these 2 buildings
    Which are for sale and what best rate or price
    They can get, hope you will reply back

    Vipin Malik Ph919868522148
    Email id—
    ————————————————————————– 1. ZACKRIA MANZIL
    Gulraj Maal Road
    Aram Bagh

    Narayana Street
    Outram Road
    Pakistan Chowk

  6. Mustafa Ahmad says:

    what is meant by Red, green zones, etc?

    What are categories A,J,meant for?

    Is membership required to buy a plot like DHA?

    Is personal presence needed to buy?

    Anything special for overseas Pakistanis?

  7. Sohail Abbasi says:

    How much is for the DHC master plan please.
    Thanks alot

  8. Shakil khan says:

    I have a plot 300sqr 4C to sell tell me about aprox. Price ???

  9. Jamshed lt col r says:

    Dear very comprehensive site congrats to u and ur team. I’m interested in buying a plot in red zone 200,or 300 what would be its price.

  10. mahgull shahzad says:

    We want to know the cnfrm prices of peninsula commercial 100 sq yards

  11. Pervez tanveer shaikh says:

    I m intrested

  12. Siddiqui says:

    I am looking to buy a 500 yards plot in zone B near creek vista, anyone interested in selling please contact me with price and location.


  13. nikkie.khan says:

    i want to see my 500 yrs house for salein f.b area block 4 any one interested plz tell me the cost.thanx

  14. nikkie.khan says:

    what is the cost of500 yards plot in f.b area block 4 karachi urgent for sale

  15. Majid says:

    Dear brother i working in Jeddah now iI will be in Karachi for two month term,
    Any individual or agent wants to sell please contact me below

    300 or 500 Yard plot at DHA VIII or any other location IN DHA area. please contact me immediately.
    mob 00966 583063733

  16. wajhi rizvi says:

    What about crescent bay if you explain in details…?

  17. sara hayat says:

    Want small family home , we r neede n white cooler family , hamen aisa ghr chahey jo family out of country ho or un ko apny ghr k sambhalny k liya koi family chahey ho . Plz help us

  18. Raja Nisar Ali says:

    I want to rent a 2 bed flat in DHA 5 or Bukhari.

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