Cleaning of Seaview Beach by Cantt Board Clifton (CBC)

DHA is bestowed with a beautiful Seaview Beach embracing the windswept Arabian Sea. The beach mirror’s the rhythm and style of the city and is a popular destination of citizens for recreation and enjoyment purposes. Cantt Board Clifton (CBC) which is the municipal body of the area, is concertedly engaged in keeping the beach neat, clean and glittering to make it a place of attraction and recreation for the public.

As contrast to the Clifton Beach and other beaches of the metropolis, Seaview Beach is thronged by a large number of visitors on holidays who come from far off places to have fun at Seaview and to enjoy the bounties of the majestic sea.

CBC is consistently making efforts to clean and maintain the Seaview Beach. A force of 80 people including beach cleaners and sweepers are daily engaged in cleaning and upkeep of beach and the adjacent Main Road (Beach Avenue). Mechanical means including tractors and mechanized beach cleaners are also employed for cutting and cleaning the sand entangled on sea wall to keep the beach neat and clean.

DHA and CBC together are committed to provide aesthetically vibrant and lively environment to its residents and public at large.

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