Cleanliness and Sanitation Condition in DHA

Defence Housing Authority, KarachiA meeting chaired by Administrator DHA Brig Khalid Tirmizi was held at DHA’s Main Office on December 05, 2008 to finalize a strategy for bringing a visible improvement in cleanliness and sanitation condition in DHA.

Brig Tirmizi reiterated that DHA would take efficient, realistic and forward-looking measures to bring about a substantial improvement in cleanliness of areas in Defence through adoption of a reinvigorated strategy.

He outlined the need for maintaining neat, clean and healthy environments in DHA. He stressed upon the contractors to bring a definite improvement in cleanliness of the surroundings through adopting twice a day sweeping of area, regular door to door garbage collection, organized debris removal and swift removal of garbage to landfill sites.

He also asked the sanitary inspectors of CBC to work with a dedicated spirit, enhance monitoring of areas and to apply the sanitation bye-laws across the board. The meeting also decided to impose heavy fines on defaulters.

The Administrator said that although DHA would go all out to maintain clean and healthy environments, yet without residents’ civic sense and wholehearted involvement the job would always remain half finished. He called upon the residents associations to play their effective role in bringing about positive change in attitude and thinking of the people.

The meeting decided to earmark Zamzama Commercial Area in DHA as a model venue for testing the improvement in hygiene and sanitation of the area through experimenting night cleaning practice. In case of a positive output the same model would be adopted for the entire DHA.

The Administrator directed the contractors to improve the garbage collection on the sea front and to keep the Seaview beach neat and clean which is frequented by the citizens of Karachi in a large number. He also ordered them to ensure that sanitary workers and water bowzers remain available at the 27 designated places in DHA earmarked for carrying out sacrificial of animals during Eid-ul-Azha.

In his concluding remarks Brig Tirmizi said that efficient application of waste management practices, dedicated and resolute monitoring system, development of community approach and co-operation of residents would go a long way in bringing improvement of environment in DHA.

Sanitation inspectors, vigilance staff, sanitation contractors, concerned officials besides CEO CBC Ms Zeenat Ahmed attended the meeting.

News published by Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

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