Clifton Nimco – Complementing Tea!

Tea or coffee are must haves for the people of sub-continent. The day begins with a freshly brewed cup of tea and ends with a cup of tea before finishing work. Tea and coffee satisfy the caffeine cravings of the people and they are essential now. The reason being, with all the work load and daily stress, a cup of tea or coffee rejuvenates the senses and invokes a clear thought process. However tea or coffee must be accompanied with some snacks.

People from the sub-continent love snacks with their tea. Snacks are often called as Namkeens; which are a favourite of the guests as well. A well laid out tea table with an assortment of snacks or Namkeens will suffice many in place of dinner.But snacks have to be delicious and must work well with tea.

The concept initially applied for snacks was to give some stay to the hunger pangs since dinner would be later when the entire family would be together. Carried forward by generations- the idea of snacks evolved from those made with laborious work at home, to those readily available in the market. The condition: hygiene is priority number one. In such a case, it becomes rather difficult to find a retail outlet offering Namkeens for tea and that too of the finest quality.

Nimco Clifton KarachiClifton Nimco is offering the finest nimco (Namkeens) there is to be offered. Nimco started its journey in 1979 with a small outlet in the area of Clifton, Karachi and initiated the business operations of manufacturing quality nimco products.

With constant growth over the years, they now deal with a wide variety of unique nimco products, fresh & hot snacks along with an extensive range of frozen food items. Nimco guarantee’s its customers’ the best taste in the industry with quality and international packaging that would cause the freshness to last longer allowing them to enjoy their favorite snacks stored for more than one year.

DHA: Shop # 3-A, Plot 5-C, Street # 10, Badar Commercial Area, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Clifton: Shop # 37, Delawalla Shopping Centre, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 0300-3756795

With its constant growth and progress, Nimco has expanded the number of outlets because of which they have now gained access to a greater a market. Thus their name has now become a known brand both locally and internationally.

Besides the Namkeen items, Nimco is well known for its line of frozen range products. The parathas, samosas, spring rolls and shammi kebabs will make tea time preparation a lot easier for the women at home. All that will have to be done is to take the goodies out and deep fry till golden and cooked through.

Tea time with snacks from nimco will add tons of flavour to any evening. Be it a casual evening tea with family or one held for guests- preparations will be a cinch. Nimco has received certification and top quality awards for hygiene, which ensures its commitment to provide the finest products.

Henceforth anytime tea is being served, whip out Namkeens from Nimco and add delight to the evening.

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