‘Clockwise – Otherwise’ Painting Exhibition by Shahid Rassam at Koel Art Gallery

'Clockwise - Otherwise' Art Exhibition by Shahid Rassam at Koel Gallery

‘CLOCKWISE-OTHERWISE‘ – Hauntingly surreal paintings by celebrated artist Shahid Rassam opens Tuesday, 23rd April, 5-8pm at KOEL Art Gallery. Exhibition will continue till May 5, 2013.

About Shahid Rassam

Shahid Rassam was born in quiet, dusty Hyderabad to a humble family and the artist inside him was nurtured early in life by his first mentor, his creative mother. She taught him about paint and life, never imagining the small seed she had planted in his fertile imagination would blossom into an exotic garden, which would become the Pride of Pakistan.

When he was three, his family moved to the City of Lights, Karachi. Here in this lively, bustling city he grew up in a literature loving atmosphere that further nourished the artist’s soul with poetry and color. His unique palette of hues infused with verse was developed through inspiration from great mentors whose paths have crossed his.

He was in school when he met Sadequain, the world renowned Pakistani calligrapher and painter. His mentors include great writers such as humorist Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi, satirist Anwar Maqsood and Urdu poet Jaun Elia. It was Jaun Elia who gave Shahid the title of ‘Rassam’ an Arabic word that means ‘the artist’.

Address: Koel Art Gallery, F-42/2, Block 4, Scheme-5, Clifton Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-35831292

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