Clutches to Accessorize from Samia & Azmay Shahzada

Weddings for girls are not just about getting ready for a day- the day of the wedding. Contrary to this idea is the reality, newly wedded girls have to dress up and look perfect. There are scores of dinners and parties from relatives and friends to attend; these dinners’ continue for a good month or two for the couple and their families. Thus when a girl is getting married, the mother and the mother-in-law focus on preparing as many ensembles as possible for the bride.

Ensembles for the new brides have to be complete; the shoes, bag, jewellery have to complement the dress. So when the mother of the bride complains about there being such little time, she is not wrong. Every tiny bit takes a while to come together, especially the hand carry clutches or bags.

Samia & Azmay ShahzadaHand carry accessories take the longest time for selection because of the standard shiny flashy clutches available at stores. Furthermore brides do not favour carrying golden or sliver clutches studded with thick chunks of diamantes arranged in large distasteful patterns. The ensembles for brides have become far more contemporary with a twist of tradition; a traditional diamante clutch will be the worse choice.

Samia and Azmay is a sister duo who have successfully upturned the look of formal footwear for weddings and parties with a high end fashion style. The extremely successful sister duo are accredited with creating a brand which has now become the face of high end fashionable formal footwear in Pakistan.


Moreover the surprises from the Samia and Azmay duo have just begun for the people of K-town. Leather will never be boring from now on; instead it will be the prized possession especially if designed by Samia and Azmay. Clutch bags at Samia and Azmay are a magnificent collection on their own. The clutch bags stand out for their exquisite pony, cheetah or snake skin designs.

Brides will be overjoyed to see how well these clutch work with their modern ensembles for dinners and parties. The wardrobe could be eastern or western; clutches from Samia and Azmay will complement each. Leather clutches in cheetah, pony or a reptilian skin make for great accessories with a western outfit such as a jumpsuit for a meet up with friends after the wedding.

Besides the skin effects, clutches are available in patent leather as well. The shiny glossy smooth surface of patent leather bags with golden studs or locks look extremely elegant. The clutches at Samia and Azmay are not just about the exterior look, they are well spacious on the inside as well. Because Samia and Azmay offer upscale fashion with the finest quality; a clutch can start from anywhere around RS4000. Though it might sound a tad bit costly to some; it is a high quality investment.

Brides to be or the newly wedded girls need not be burdened with the traditional clutches when the best local brand name is just a turn away. Samia and Azmay have carved a niche and are successfully catering to the high end fashion must have in style.

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