Cold Stone Creamery

The Place, Defence Phase 8

Karachi is blessed with four mesmerizing to hottest seasons of nature as a gift. As summer heat in Karachi is at its peak with cardigan and recorded hottest days now. And perspiring people love to devour cold drinks, cold dessert and Ice cream. Savoury foam to enchanter most auspicious taste of succulent bites with proper comfy not a dream in Karachi.

Some time ago, an American ice-cream chain COLD STONE CREAMERY opened its door in the city at the DHA Phase 8. First established its roots in 1988 with unstoppable struggle, headquarter in Scotland, Arizona,  that bring this brand world famously popular with slogan of purity and inspiration. World known brand redefine the concept of ice-cream, as they believe in continuously redefining plain old regular ice-cream into something truly extraordinary. A perfect creative art with customization now bring joys in your life. 

Cold Stone in Pakistan is exactly what you get in the US, everything is imported. The ice-cream are made fresh in a local factory certified by Cold Stone Kahala (their master franchise in US). All items are purely freshen with hand crafted and made sure to serve well with churned from the finest ingredients. From unique ice cream “creation” to smoothies mixture of your choice of candy, cakes, fruits, sandwiches, cupcakes, smoothies, shakes or nuts with  different amazing combos of other ingredients with super-premium and satisfactory result.

Professionally expert team of makers and chefs bring ultimate taste of delicacies. Expertly handling of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery are put together by their staff once your order placed. Using signature process for preparing your custom creation Cake, cookies, fruits or other ingredients are tosses around on a frozen granite slab of stone with scoops of ice cream, mixing them all together to form a delectable goop that is then placed into a paper or waffle cup (which cost extra) for you to devour.

To refresh your taste buds with deliciously creamy texture and gourmet tendency of enriched wide variety flavours actually quite delightful. Humidity in Karachi can make us really Savor over-priced ice cream like cold stone creamy to indulge its sweetness and mouth-watering succulent taste to satisfy your desire. 

A huge success criteria seems unstoppable as they serve now presently in more then 300 international locations in 26 countries. Including Cyprus, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria, Philippines, Qatar, Trinidad and now in Pakistan. A luxuriously essential place with lavish decor and grand seating space with large amount of staff and workers from waiters to pianist and violinist ready to serve you at any time. Grand decor, chandeliers, wall art, red and black theme all seems mesmerize your soul for a second. 

Cold stone offers 20+ flavours of fresh ice cream and sorbet which are: Raspberry Sorbet, Cake Batter Ice-Cream, Water Melon Sorbet, Mint Bubble Gum, Mango, French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Red Velvet, Sweet Cream, Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Peanuts Butter, Mocha, Cheesecake, Caramel Lane, Coffee and Fudge Brownie Batter. Quality to quantity per portion is more satisfying with the smallest cup known as “like it”, the medium one is known as “love it” and the largest one is called “gotta have it”. They have both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement with mesmerize view of surrounding and heights. No extra charges needs to pay for satisfying your taste buds with vallet parking, delivery and take in and out  kids friendly environment. 

Address: 3rd Floor, Roof Top, The Place (Nueplex Cinemas), Khayaban e Shaheen, Zone B, Phase 8, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: (021) 111 836 871
Timing: Monday to Sunday 09:00am to 19:00pm

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