Come let’s paint into the unknown at Thotspot

Rewire through creative expression. Reimagine your reality. Turn inwards.
PebbleUp creativist and visual designer Zainab Zoeb will be conducting an intensive painting and journaling workshop facilitating mindfulness and deliberate creation. With academic credentials from The Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture and The Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology, Zainab’s workshops are devised based on her own experience of painting and creating on an everyday basis.

The workshops will give you a chance to explore the transformative power of creative expression and be better equipped to channel your energy.
– No prior experience of painting required.
– You don’t have to be an artist; you don’t have to know techniques.
– For ages 14 and above. (Not gender–specific)
– This is NOT a ‘pebble art’ workshop
– The workshop does not ‘teach’ painting

Is this workshop for you?
– If you have the willingness to dig deeper, turn inwards and reflect.
– Creative expression makes you come alive.
– You are willing to reframe, rewire and let go of old patterns of thinking through writing.
– You are experiencing a creative block
– You want to foster positive thinking
– The exercise will not be about the outcome but the process.

We are all inherently creative. We just need more mediums that allow that to arise in a natural way. Creative outlets are crucial to holistic wellbeing as it enables them to access our own inner information, and discover what we already know.

In this intuitive painting class where we will tap into their inner intelligence, let go of boundaries, judgments and come to terms with the mystery and the unknown inside all of them. Here we are willing to not only accept but also embrace the strangeness, the light and the darkness within us.

As humans with complex anatomical, physiological and psychological bodies we store information on a cellular level. Creative expression that is harbored in a non-judgmental and supportive environment facilitates identifying and clearing of blockages, where we find your self up against our own difficulties, our own moments of clarity and confusion. If we allow creativity to move through us it will eventually if not immediately change us.

Painting in silence, quality of openness, quality of acceptance built in a group experience. In a group experience no one has to explain themselves, you don’t have to be anyone other than who you are.
There is a process of letting go. Allowing your self to move into the space without having an agenda.

Through the active engagement a door opens. You find yourself moving and not stuck. The life is really in that presence and movement its not in producing a particular outcome. It is not about having it look a particular way or make you feel a particular way. It is embracing fully where you are.

The workshop will be divided into four parts
(i) Orientation
(ii) 10 min guided meditation
(ii) meditative painting in silence
(iv) Delibrate creation through writing/journaling

All art material will be provided.
Please bring your own Aprons, Water containers and Small towel.
Snacks included.

Confirm your spot with full payment in advance via bank transfer. Last date to register 20th Jan 2019. Limited spots available.

Come lets paint and let go of what we think we know!

Venue: Thotspot 1C, Stree 7A Badar Commercial Area, DHA Phase V ext, Karachi Pakistan.
Registration: 3500/- per person
Date: 2nd Feb, 2019
Time: 11 am – 3:30 pm
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