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Commander 5 Corps and President Executive Board (PEB) DHA Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza Reviews DHA Karachi Progress

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited Headquarters 5 Corps and gave a briefing / update on the efficacy and progress of DHA and DCK’s ongoing mega/development projects, DHA’s various community development initiatives and the Housing Authority’s futuristic schemes to Commander 5 Corps and President Executive Board (PEB) DHA Lt Gen Shahid Baig Mirza. DHA’s concerned directors were also present on the occasion.

PEB appreciated the dynamic vision, versatile development strategy and the progressive outlook of the Housing Authority. He said that DHA has come a long way in emerging as the largest, most prestigious, residential estate in the country. Corps Commander impressed upon DHA the need for carrying on with sustained and dedicated efforts for continuously improving and enriching the living environment of residents and to complete the ongoing development projects in DHA and DCK expeditiously which should serve as examples of pride and accomplishment for others to emulate.

Corps Commander asked DHA to spare no efforts in attaining higher housing/residential standards and to maintain its role as the trendsetter in the country. He also urged DHA management to prepare itself to meet the future challenges, to maintain quality in all their undertakings and to ensure a resident-responsive management. He said that DHA must concertedly keep building the trust of its legacy and uphold DHA’s good name, reputation and credibility at all costs.

Administrator reiterated that DHA’s dedicated team infused with a reinvigorated spirit of commitment will leave no stone unturned in further enhancing the prestige and stature of DHA as an elite Housing Authority of the country.

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