Comparing Cost of Renting a House in DHA – Karachi vs. Lahore

DHA is the top investment choice among known investors of Karachi and Lahore. Because of hassle free property transfer mechanism and investment security offered by Defence Housing Authority, overseas Pakistanis too consider it a prime investment option.

When it comes to comparing return on property investments made in different localities of Karachi and Lahore, Defence is again on top of the list. In fact, in’s extensive property listings for both Karachi and Lahore, number of plots for sale and available house on rent in these cities is the highest for DHA.

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The expansion in the existing boundaries of Pakistan’s posh most housing society now allows more investors to reap real estate profit through secure bounds of DHA. With various other projects coming under the umbrella of DHA Karachi and Lahore, the property buyers and investors have much more to look up to in the future.

The ever-existing demand of DHA property among elite tenants too has created a sound market for it. At, the database of houses available on rent in DHA Lahore is extensive and its count is increasing, followed by a fair number of people looking to get them on lease. For DHA Karachi and Lahore, the rentals stats are quite comparable.

According to’s rental price data for 2013, average rent of houses in DHA Karachi is almost 55% higher than that of houses in DHA Lahore. As per the portal’s findings, this difference is higher for 10 Marla houses than 1-Kanal, 69.54% to be precise. The average rental price of 10 Marla houses in Karachi, as per’s stats of Jan 2014, is Rs. 118,000 where as the cost of leasing a 10 Marla house in DHA Lahore is Rs. 70,000.

Comparing Cost of Renting a House in DHA - Karachi vs. Lahore - 250 Yards

For 1 Kanal houses, average rent in DHA Karachi is Rs. 160,000 while in Lahore, you can rent a similar house in Rs. 118,000. In terms of sale prices of houses in DHA Karachi and Lahore, you would notice a similar proportion.

Comparing Cost of Renting a House in DHA - Karachi vs. Lahore - 500 Yards

However, there is one interesting finding of this research; in 2013, the percentage rise seen in rental price of 1-Kanal houses in DHA Lahore (22.08%) was higher than that of houses in DHA Karachi (17.44%).

Looking at this difference, it can be assumed that average rental price of houses in DHA Lahore will increase at a better rate in 2014, reducing the difference between cost of renting a house in Defence Housing Authority Karachi and Lahore.

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