Convid-19 in DHA Karachi

As the world itself bound to rest in their homes. The world is in the middle of the worst pandemic in recent history, as the strain of covid-19 (CORONA VIRUS) spread rapidly all over the world. Covid-19 first started from WUHAN, city of CHINA in December 2019 , had became a huge disastrous issue not only by economically but also tremendous and unbelievable waste of lives as large amount of deaths and mental issues cases registered there.

Covid-19, actually embarked as most dangerous virus after 1860’s era. It spread person to person through physical interaction and even sneezing without showing any symptoms of fever, cough, flu and cold. So people never know, that a person sitting beside you, traveled with you or even talked with you already had infected with COVID-19 and it spread fast without realization before get it worst.

After its pandemic emergence and spreading appearance in WUHAN, also infected more then 50 countries in which Italy, France, USA, America, South Africa also hit the list. Now Pakistan also confirmed first case of coronavirus in February as a pilgrim traveled from Iran’ city TAFTAN to Karachi after performing religious pilgrimage. After appearing first case of corona, Pakistan government start taking precautionary measures to stop spreading this virus in country.

Prime minister Imran Khan has now announce southern city lockdown after rapid increase of cases almost more then 1500 with 13 deaths and 25 recovery news. After implement of fully lock down most busy areas of Karachi also affected a lot. DHA and Clifton, famous as Karachi food business backbone, is also facing a lot of trouble as 13 cases confirmed before in result of a party held in CAFE AYLANTO for women.

Defence housing authority also played a vital role in condemnation  of spreading virus among peoples. Defence authority provide quarantine facilities for infected peoples, also spread awareness about home isolation to keep everyone safe. Fundamental keys services by residencies of DHA are; they offer Rashaan bags for needy peoples free of cost and also free face masks & sanitizer to overcome this issue. 

As per announcement of prime minister Imran Khan, shut down of all academic institutes, public transports, mosques, public gatherings, shadi halls, majalis, jalsa, funeral, clubs, shopping malls and other places. Defence area also appealing peoples not to disobey government orders. All restaurants closed for dining and delivery services as well. 

Peoples of defence and Clifton maintain their distance with each other to avoid physical interaction. Only pharmacies, groceries stores, medical care units, hospitals, meat shops and bakeries are now open for public to get their needy things before 8 pm, as after 8 pm full lock down is implemented in all areas of Karachi. Defence authorities and society managers also give regularly fumigation to control the virus and clean streets and road from dirt & garbage.

Defence residence started working as together for giving awareness about quarantine issue and precautionary measurements via social media campaign. They also help people to overcome and not panic in this critical situation by giving them easy and easy precautionary list according to WHO.

  • wash hands
  • Avoid social gathering
  • Drinking warm water
  • Take steam regularly
  • Eat healthy food
  • Wear face mask
  • Keep yourself sanitized
  • Not to be panic with this

Stay alert, stay home, stay safe. Its a high time that the whole nation stand together and  act as responsible citizen to overcome this issue. 

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