Cool Inn – Fast Food, Chaat, South Indian Food & Ice Cream

Every town or city has its own food street, some of which spring up with the opening of a few restaurants while most have been there since years. Be it weekdays or weekends; food streets are packed with busy office staff, ladies who fancy a snack while shopping or hungry students. Business is booming; touch wood.

Boast Basin is an entire strip beginning from schon circle and goes right around till park tower; it is a food street similar to burns road. People from all over K-town and some from abroad tend to make a bee line straight to this food hub to satisfy their cravings of desi delights. The enormity and popularity of the place hits when, one sees absolutely no parking space while cars move bumper to bumper on weekends and on certain weekdays as well.

Cool Inn Clifton Karachi - Fast Food, Chaat, South Indian Food & Ice CreamSince Boat Basin is primarily a food street; the kinds of cuisines available are limitless. Customers can choose from Desi, Chinese, American or the surprising South-Indian delights. Foodies listen up, because about to be revealed is the location of a food paradise at Boat Basin. Since the time of inception in the year 2005, this food heaven has stood its ground on terms of quality and hygiene- prime factors for a restaurant on a food street. A neat and tidy restaurant set up on food street draws customers like flies to honey because everyone likes to eat out, but no one would like to fall ill. This is where restaurant in question makes its mark. This restaurant is Cool Inn.

Located in Hashoo Terrace at Block 5, Clifton, Cool Inn has surpassed the other restaurants around in terms of flavours and quality. Customers can opt to have the food served in car or go for the seating arrangements inside, which is fairly neat and clean. The menu is lavish and easy on the pocket, so customers can splurge on the delights without worrying about the expenses.

Address: Shop # 8, Hashoo Terrace, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35376103-4 and 0334-2665466

When visiting Cool Inn, customers looking for spicy desi delights can opt for Pani Puri, Mix Chaat or Aloo Chaat from the Chatpata Starters. These desi evening delights are prepared in safe drinking water, so customers need not worry about hygiene. Chaat’s are tantalizingly mouthwatering; soft boiled chickpeas are covered in smooth luscious yoghurt, topped with assorted garnishes and chutneys to add flavours.

Furthermore anyone who has ever tasted or has always wanted to try a Masala Dossa, should head straight to COOL INN. Authentic South-Indian delights like Masala Dossa, Idli and Pav Bhaji made to perfection can only be found here. The crepe for the Dossa is light and crispy stuffed with a choice of filling, complemented with sambar and coconut chutney.

Vegetarians will find themselves reeling with pleasure on their very first bites. Recently Cool Inn has introduced a new variety of burgers and wraps, further expanding the items on the menu. The general review for burgers and wraps has been over whelming as people turn up in scores to try them and later return with a greater party of people.

While at Cool Inn, it would be unwise to leave without one of its cool treats; yes, the very favourite ice-creams! The ice-cream sundaes are rich and heavenly; just what is needed to beat the heat. But a must try is the chocolate fudge from the Freezer Plate (a selection of ice-creams revolutionized to create marvelous desserts). Drop in at Cool Inn anytime of the day and indulge in the pleasures of quality food without hurting the budget. Bon appetite!

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