Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop with Daudpota Art at T2F – September 2019

Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop with Daudpota Art
First time in Karachi !

Learn to write the mesmerizing traditional English calligraphy script in this beginners’ workshop.

This course is designed for a complete beginner, who will be given basic knowledge from scratch. So come join in to learn, in a relaxing, fun environment!

The participants will be taught about:

– Calligraphy Art supplies (will be provided) – Preparing, handling and using them
– The basic strokes of the script
– Formation of Miniscules (Small letters)
– Formation of Majuscules (Capital letters)
– Writing your name and a few sentences

Supplies include:
* The Manual by Daudpota Art
* Oblique dual nib holder
* 2 Flex Nibs
* Ink pots with Indian Ink and preparing solution
* Guidelines sheets – 10
* Tracing paper sheets – 5
* Basic stationary

After this session, participants will have good knowledge of the script and techniques to later practice more and improve their grip on the script.

About the Instructor:
A calligraphy artist from Karachi, mostly self-taught, Muhammad Abubakar Daudpota works in Arabic & English calligraphy & logos, both modern and traditional scripts. Known mostly for his exceptional skills in English calligraphy, Daudpota works on commissioned art pieces made on paper & canvas, envelopes, place cards, walls, wood, clothing etc. Having many private clients, some famous are Saima Builders, Rehmat-e-Shereen sweets, Suhairah Builders & Spectrum Publishers.

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Date: Saturday, 7th September 2019
Time: 02:00 PM – 05:00 PM
Venue: Meeting Studio, T2F
Age Group: 18 and above
Registration Fee: Rs. 2,300 (including upgraded calligraphy supplies)
Event Link:

**To Register contact 0334-3030343 (Whatsapp)**

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