Corporate Survivals Event at Carlton Resort Hotel & Club

Corporate Survivals Event at at Carlton Resort Hotel & Club

Join Corporate Lounge event about “Build a Bridge: How to survive in the corporate world?” at Carlton Resort Hotel & Club on Saturday, 22nd December 2012. Executive and CEO-level decision makers can be the part of this event.

Goals for Corporate Survival:

  • Learn about the leadership mistakes,workplace etiquette,unwritten job description and self expression.
  • Networking and getting to know interact with representatives from various verticals.
  • It’ll be a place where business contacts will be made and where business can gets done.
  • It’s an event of substance: a gathering of top level management of the companies.


  • ASIM MASOOD – CEO of Institute of Management and Research.
  • JUNAID AHSAN – Founder and CEO of Talent Experts International.
  • HAROON RASHEED – Marketing Head of Shaan Foods.

Guest Speakers:

  • EKHLAQUE AHMED – Director Operations at Rajby Industries.
  • HASAN AZIM – MD at TMedia & Contract Advertising.

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  1. ashifa says:

    It was an great event and a memorable experience.

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