Cosmos Child Care

Day care centres are becoming a trend fast nowadays because of the increasing number of working mothers, and more because of their lack of trust on hired help… and no one can argue that. They need a safe, reliable, trustworthy and professional environment for their little ones where they not only can be taken care of but also learn something through the day. Cosmos Child Care is one answer to their prayers. Situated in Clifton, this child care centre is a care house for infants, pre-school and school age kids.

The centre is actually a bungalow with a big garden and airy rooms. There are different areas for playing, learning, eating and sleeping and hygiene conditions are really efficient. The kids get healthy, home-made meals and infants are taken care of lovingly.

The security situation is highly satisfactory. The front door is guarded and there are CCTV cameras outside to monitor any possibly suspicious activity. Inside, child security protocols are followed and there is minimal risk of kids falling, bruising, choking or getting hurt in any way. Sleep practices are also followed.

The kids spend a good time here. Each day brings them something new to learn. The centre has a variety of cool educational toys and the staff arranges sensory play times, feeling-the-nature times in the garden, and many of the activities are conducted in groups to enhance social skills. The staff also arranges birthday parties and play dates to make the kids’ special days extra special.

Cosmos Child Care is a safe haven for kids. Enrol today to acquire peace of mind and make your kids’ time worthwhile.

Address: D-63, Block-7, Clifton, Karachi
Contact no: 0300-7201388, 0324-2004505

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