Creating a ‘Greener and Vibrant DHA’ through Plant Distribution Ceremony at DHA Phase-VIII

DHA Phase-VIII is coming up as a model and vibrant phase of the Housing Authority which is spiritedly engaged in beautification of surrounding areas through promotion of greenery and horticulture. Phase-VIII Directorate organized a colourful and lively two days function adjacent to DHA Golf Club to welcome advent of spring. The residents were given two pots each of colourful flowers/plants free of cost to create a beautiful and green natural surrounding for a healthy and aesthetic living. This was in accordance with Housing Authority’s concept of creating a ‘Greener and Vibrant DHA’ for residents.

The venue was aesthetically and innovatively decorated with a touch of class. A large number of residents visited the venue and were given pots of plants comprising colourful flowers and plants of permanent fruit/shadowy trees to promote greenery and horticulture in DHA. The efficient and courteous staff of Phase-VIII horticulture encouraged and inspired the residents to participate in beautification of nature to promote a healthy living environment. These plants were nurtured and developed at DHA Phase-VIII Nursery which has emerged as an epic fountain instrumental in growth and development of horticulture in DHA.

The residents appreciated the initiative of DHA and termed it as dynamic and nature friendly. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali said that DHA was committed to provide lively and aesthetically vibrant living environment to its residents. He added that healthy and vibrant environment created through versatile horticulture interventions is not only enchanting but also serves the purpose of revitalization of senses so essential for a healthy living.

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