Creative Karachi Festival 2019 by T2F

The Creative Karachi Festival is Karachi’s famous two-day festival of interdisciplinary arts and creativity, transformed into a weekend ‘mela’, held in the generous grounds of the Alliance Française. The CKF was initiated by their passionate founder Sabeen Mahmud who famously dubbed the festival as a ‘non-stop party in the park!’.

After CKF 2014 and 2016, The Second Floor is now ready to launch the 3rd CKF to take forward their vision of enacting positive transformative change through art, creativity and dialogue. The two day festival promises to transform their tiny corner of the megalopolis of Karachi into a buzzing wonderland of music, art, food, creativity and fun through an exceptional line-up of visual artists, contemporary and traditional craftsmen, performers, writers, poets, dancers, film and documentary makers, qavvaals and musicians, comedians and storytellers and a unique outdoor eating experience with communal tables, food demos, and tastings!

Join them, and bring all your friends, in celebrating culture and life; and strengthening their collective vision of a creatively conscious city and an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous society.

Date: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th August 2019
Time: 02:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Alliance Française de Karachi
Entry Pass: Rs.500/- per day
Event Link:

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