Creativity at Creative Cuisine

Fine dining is an art: to the simple minded it is merely a dinner with lavish dishes, but to those well travelled it means an entire array of courses that which are carefully planned to suit the palate of those invited and leaving them with wanting more of the scrumptious meal.

Creativity at Creative Cuisine

Fine dining requires sophistication and complexity in the dishes. One such venture from a home based in Defence Phase 8 is ‘Creative Cuisine’ which excels in catering fine dining desserts. This culinary set up promises to take you on a flavorful ride of DESSERTS only, which will add elegance to any formal dinner while the host is relieved of all stress of preparing.

Creative Cuisine which started off in the year 2011 is all about desserts and cakes, but the fine dining way. One look at the menu and it is clearly understood that it is all about the freshest ingredients and the most unique blend of flavours. The desserts are the highlight of this culinary trip, one of which is the Berry Tango bursting with the tropical flavours of kiwi and peaches each layered separately with crème fraiche or fresh cream as per the availability -all of this rests on a moist vanilla tea cake sponge. This dessert when ordered was an excellent end to a summer dinner since it was supremely light and fruity to finish off a heavy meal.

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Another tantalizing new dessert is the Oreo Cappuccino Trifle, though extremely rich, it has a strong shot of coffee which works very well with the Oreo cookies. Added further more to this sweet tooth journey of English desserts, is a wide range of cakes but within the confines of cheese and mousse only. It boasts to its names flavours such as Lemon and White chocolate, snickers chunky bar cheese cake, kiwi and white chocolate or a personal favourite lemon and pineapple mousse cake.

A point in case here would be that Creative Cuisine does not offer any sort or form of chocolate mousse or cheese cakes. Its aim is to provide clean and bold flavours by making use of the seasonal fruits and the freshest produce which is procured either locally or imported.

Creativity at Creative Cuisine

Ordering desserts from creative cuisine can be costly, the prime reason being its ingredients which are often imported or procured as per the order-as rightly said ‘quality and price go hand in hand.’ None of the desserts or cakes is prepared beforehand. It is exclusively made to order and each order must be placed a day or two in advance.

The desserts offered are a departure from those traditionally served, but rest assured it is of the highest quality and will surely leave most guests returning for second and third helpings. For all those who dare to venture or wish to create a fine dining experience must do so with desserts from Creative Cuisine. Their creativity with flavours, presentations is worth the money spent, since each dessert is carefully presented and photographed for the customers. So sit back and enjoy the sweet tooth journey with the professional the fine dining way.

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