Creek Vistas Apartments Karachi Prices – March 2013

Creek Vistas Apartments Karachi Prices - March 2013

Creek Vistas Apartments is a part of a mega project of DHA Karachi, named “Creek City”, which encompasses luxurious high-rise waterfront residential towers overlooking Karachi Creek, Arabian Sea and DHA Golf Club. Creek Vistas Apartments is located on Khayaban-e-Shaheen at 16th Street of Phase VIII, DHA Karachi. It’s a exceptionally beautiful location and a view that you will find mesmerizing.

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Creek Vistas is designed to redefine the standard of luxurious living and to offer a tranquil life, with safety and security of its residents as its paramount concern. Creek Vista Apartments endeavors to eliminate concerns of the worried mind. Its spread over 16 acres of residential land. Only a quarter of land is used for the building and remaining is utilized for water bodies, garden and public amenities. Creek Vistas have twelve towers; all towers are 16 floors high. Each tower has fifty-six apartments and four penthouses. All together it has 720 residential units.

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Creek Vista price range in the February 2013 has been little changed on higher side, it looks that prices has been settled now and may not made big change, but because of high demand buyer has to pay more, on rental side it is on high demand too because of increasing rental of all the segments, and high demand of rental properties. In the same vicinity a new project coming up named ARKADIANS, at this new launch people may take interest in this, and may it will be successful launch because of high demand of apartments.

Here are the current Buy, Sell & Rent prices of Creek Vistas Apartments. All these prices are estimated amount as per the current market situation. All information on this page are taken from relevant industry channels, with simple aim just for general information for our readers. DHAToday never endorse or recommend for any property advice as well as accuracy of data provided here.


  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – 28 million to 30 million
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment – 30 million to 34 million
  • Penthouse (with Swimming Pool) – 42 million to 45 million
  • Penthouse (without Swimming Pool) – 40 million to 43 million

Rent (Non-Furnished)

  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – 90,000 to 100,000
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment – 110,000 to 120,000
  • Penthouse (with Swimming Pool) – 120,000 to 180,000
  • Penthouse (without Swimming Pool) – 130,000 to 160,000

Rent (Furnished)

  • 3 Bedroom Apartment – 110,000 to 140,000
  • 4 Bedroom Apartment – 125,000 to 160,000
  • Penthouse (with Swimming Pool) – 185,000 to 230,000
  • Penthouse (without Swimming Pool) – 160,000 to 200,000

Note: This information is provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Price variation due to many reason including particular floor of the apartment, facing of particular the apartment etc. Upper floor apartment have higher price range. Most important thing in Creek Vista is Demand and Supply, sometimes it is on high demand and the price will go up in both rent and sell, the reason is it is only apartments of its kind.

For the furnished apartment prices, it is not in trend, not many furnished options are available, and in furnished it has more variation in price because of the quality and standard of furnishing may vary. All prices are assessed from ongoing market, it can be change any time and there is no guarantee for any differ. It could vary according to some individual’s need.

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  1. zulfiqar says:

    I think all the real state people are misguiding the general public. There is no economic fundamentals in this coutry,people get killed every day, debt has doubled in past five years, maniacs are on the road, and girls are being kidnapped while driving to their workplace. The only reason property price has increased to tripple fold is the money which has found it way in property market through massive corruption. There are beurocrat who make 50 million a day, politicians who make a billion every month, they can buy what ever they like on any price. At current prices if one whilte collar saves his entire salary every month he will be still needing 50 years to buy a decent house. Property dealers are part of that scam. Once a good government come into power and start asking just one simple question from the investor from where they got this money , the property in this country will come to its real value. Till that day comes all the honest people have to wait as we dont have any other choice.

    • Ali Hamza says:

      You seem like a troubled young man who is envious of others just because he couldn’t make it well. You need to get a life and a better job. Pakistan is doing very well cause it is finally changing for the better. So if you cant support, I suggest you keep shut and continue your struggle.

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