Cultural Food Festival at Defence Authority Creek Club

On 70th Independence Day of Pakistan, Defence Authority Creek Club hosted a Cultural Food Festival on 14th August 2017 highlighting the taste of history, heritage and heavenly food. In accordance with Independence Day, the whole Club was decorated with a classical Provincial-theme. The ambiance of the BBQ Lawn seemed to revive history and the huge variety of delicious foods, bringing the charm of provincial theme and taste of each province, service staff were wearing cultural dresses which were highly appreciated by the members. Not only this, there was a stunning display of cutouts placed in the premises that amazed the members and their guests as a true artwork that reflected the true essence of Pakistan. The live music being played by a local artist made the whole atmosphere lively and energetic. While everyone was enjoying the splendid ambiance and mouthwatering food, a group of Cultural dance performance entered the seating area and started performing cultural dances that bent the whole atmosphere astonishing and it was surely a surprising treat. Administrator graced the occasion with his presence and appreciated the efforts made to conduct the entire event.

There were local dishes representing all the four provinces of our country that were being served in the buffet as part of the Cultural Food Festival. Live food stations were preparing over 20 ethnic dishes right in front of the guests who were there to enjoy the different local specialties from our provinces. Live stations represented Punjab, Sindh, Khaber Pakhtaunkhwa (KPK), Balochishtan and Kashmir. The lip smacking dishes from each of the provinces that were out of this world included Makai ki roti and sarson ka saag, Balochi Sajji, Peshawari Chapali Kabab, Kashmiri Ab Gosht and a lot more.

All in all, enormous participation by members with their family and guests made DACC Cultural food festivals a success as the ambiance and food were absolutely amazing and highly cherished.

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