Cupcake Galore at Pane & Amore

Having a sweet tooth can be a curse because the craving comes out of the blue and lingers till the need for sugar rush is not satisfied. Literally, numerous people crave sweets or some form of sugar intake after a meal. God help if the meal is a special one; such a meal has to be finished with the best possible sweet dish ever.

Best Sweets & Bakers in DHA Karachi & Clifton

But on a scale of calorie intake, the weight watchers will surely suffer any such cravings, simply because anytime they enjoy a sweet, it is added sugar to their diet regime. Once in a while, it serves to cheat on the treacherous diets because it is a sin to pass on a moist chocolaty cupcake with a luscious dark ganache.

Quite literally, adults and children alike will lean forward and pick the chocolate cupcake out of a huge variety and if there isn’t one, then God help the host. Most of the guests or family members will specifically ask for a chocolate cupcake- such is the love.

Everybody loves a little bit of sweet and anyone who denies is cheating themselves. But when it comes to satisfying sweet tooth cravings; there is an absolute bombardment of assorted sweets ranging right from the most desi to the most western delights.

In between the sweet wars is a simple yet beautiful creation which not only appeals to the eyes, but also tastes great. The local taste buds have developed to a wide palate of flavours which are available locally- the best part, every time a new flavour is created by someone to add a touch of uniqueness.

Cupcake Galore at Pane & Amore - DHA Karachi

Be it a 60 year old adult or a 6 year old child, this form of sweet is the most delectable of the lot- it is never refused or passed on, instead it is instantly picked out and slowly enjoyed with a mug of tea or coffee. Simple right? with all that is said, surely the minds of many must be racing around wondering what kind of a dessert or sweet treat is this. Well, lest the readers go bonkers and reach out for some other sweet delight, without further ado, we present the best cupcakes in town from Pane & Amore.

Address: 23-D, Lane 4, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-32042746, 0321-2394771

Cupcakes from Pane & Amore are love and we have a Pandora of mind numbing and mouthwatering reasons to back this. Firstly the cupcakes are freshly baked, the moment one steps in, the sweet aroma of the sugar and the right out of the oven smell take over the senses.

Cupcake Galore at Pane & Amore - DHA Karachi

What follows is eye candy; an extensive array of the most delicious flavours in a to-die-for cute presentation. The cupcakes at Pane & Amore are not just good to look at; they are absolutely divine in taste as well. First time customers can choose from the traditional red velvet, malt, chocolate vanilla or the double chocolate flavours.

The first bite is going to be a burst of flavours; the cupcakes retain the moistness without losing the flavor. There is more to this little outlet than just cupcakes, the food is equally delicious. Another surprise to enjoy at Pane & Amore is a free cupcake with a main course; all that needs to be done is find the password of the day on their facebook page. This weekend- let the cupcakes be the highlight for the evenings.

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