DA Fatima-Tuz-Zahra Institute

DA Fatima-Tuz-Zahra InstituteDefence Authority Fatima-Tuz-Zahra Institute was established in March 2001 as a joint venture of DA Tooba High School during the period of Brig Abrar Hussain Administrator DHA.

The Institute is bifurcated from Tooba High School on 19 Nov 2001. Now it is running independently. In the year 2002 the Institute got affiliation with the Board of Madaris i.e. “Wifaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan” situated in Multan, Pakistan.


Defence Authority Fatima-Tuz-Zahra Institute


Men is supreme creation of God. So he must maintain his supremacy by education himself and sincerely acting upon it. As the Holy Quran guides all human beings it gives the 1st order is : IQRA (Read) and set the education as a measure of superiority. Similarly, when the angels objected the creation of Hazrat Adam (AS) the almighty refuted the objection on the basis of the knowledge given to him. Not only this, Hazrat Adam (AS) was given the privilege of being bowed by angels only because of knowledge. (Ayah : fasajado al malaikato kullohum)

So my message for all is that education which brings about reforms changing in human, and make them to distinguish between right and wrong, to ponder in the creatures of Allah and in the creation of human himself is leading to the omnipotent and omniscient though learning and through sincerely acting upon it.


  • To Spread Islamic education among Muslim specially among women, regarding Quran, Hadith, Fiqah and all subjects related to Islam to create an awareness that Islam is a permanent, clear, definite and complete religion based on Quran and Hadith, which is free from any distortions, and will last forever in its original form.
  • The main purpose of this institute is to provide Islamic environment for spreading Islamic education among the people based on research, as well as produce scholars who handle and solve present problems of the people in the light of Quran & Sunnah.
  • It also aims at enhancing their abilities so as to give them an honourable position in the society.
  • The purpose of this Institute is learning recitation, memorization of the Holy Quran with better way of Tajweed so as to prevent any changes and distortion their in.


  • Accommodation: New, big, airy Classrooms with comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Library: Newly constructed library having 1500 books available.
  • Internet: Internet facility is available in the school.


1. Aalima & Hifz Section

  • Aalima Primary Class – Minimum Qualification is VI to VIII Pass
  • Aalima 1st Year – Matriculation
  • Hifz – Command on Nazra Qur’an with Tajweed
  • Quranic Education – Command on Arabic reading, Urdu reading & speaking

2. Iqra Section

  • KG – 4 years
  • Prep – 5 years
  • Class-I – 6 years

3. Aptitude Test

  • Prep Class
    • The student can read & write the alphabet of English & Urdu and 1 – 50 counting in numbers
  • Class – I
    • The student can read & write the alphabets in small & capital letters
    • Use of A & An articles
    • 1 – 100 counting in numbers
    • 1 – 20 counting in words
    • 2 – 3 Tables
    • Simple addition and subtraction sums.
  • Class – II
    • The Pupil can read & write the alphabets of English & Urdu
    • He / She can read the books of Class-I
    • 1 – 500 counting in numbers
    • 1 – 50 counting in words
    • 2 – 5 Tables
    • Addition and subtraction sums

Address: Tooba Mosque, Phase-II, DHA, Karachi – 75500.
Phone: 021-35803501
Email: daftzi@yahoo.com

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  1. sanaali says:

    Is this school for boys?

  2. GUL REHMAN says:

    Dear Receipant!
    My child Muhammad has completed 25 Paras as a “HAFIZ UL QURAN” already studying in another Madrasa cum school but his education is not going well there, therefore I want to enroll my child in your school. Could you please confirm me that my child can get admission in your school and continue his HAFIZ and school in class 7 as well?.

    your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Kind Regards,

    House No. B 1073 St no 02, KALAPULL Hazara Colony Karachi No.4 Pakistan.

  3. amna hafeez says:

    Assalam o alikum.I want to teach in your school as nazra teacher.its my wish.

  4. saba bukhari says:

    i want to join in the course of alma actualy shia alma!

  5. saba bukhari says:

    Is any one here for rply us?

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