DA Kids Campus (O&A Levels)

Defence Authority (DA) Kids Campus (O&A Levels) KarachiDA Kids Campus (O&A Levels), established in 2011 as an institution which is environmentally built to focus and enrich a child’s mind academically for a more promising future.

The school offers a unique teaching staff qualified to handle children at this important and sensitive part of their lives.

The Montessori has been established focusing on every minute detail to create an ambiance which is the hallmark of learning.


“The secret of good teaching is to regard the children’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds maybe sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination. Our aim therefore is not merely to make the children understand, and still less to force them to memorize, but so to touch their imagination as to enthuse them to their in most core.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

The DA Kids Campus provides education to the children from 2 ½ to 5 ½ years of age in a conducive environment harmonious to their physical, mental and intellectual growth. The children are provided with purposeful activities of their own choice and have the freedom to work at their own pace. The environment is specially prepared and equipped with Montessori material, which is scientifically prepared, and mathematically calibrated.

DA Kids Campus (O&A Levels)

DA Kids Campus (O&A Levels)

Freedom within limits leads children to responsible choices, self-discipline and self-esteem. The children work under the guidance of qualified directresses. Education in the Montessori system means Education for Life. The children are tireless workers and it is for us to channelize their energies in a positive manner and set the base for future personality.

DA Kids Campus (O&A Levels)

DA Kids Campus provide an opportunity to the children to be good human beings and law abiding citizens. In the words Dr. Maria Montessori, “A century from now, it will not matter what kind of a car I drove, what kind of a house I lived in, or how much money I had in the bank…. But one hundred years from now the world maybe a better place, because I was important in the life of a child.”

DA Kids Campus (O&A Levels)


To provide an environment which is:

  • Secure
  • Nurturing
  • Stimulating

To cultivate a child’s natural development:

  • Cognitively
  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Religiously
  • Socially

We promote:

  • Independence
  • Self-esteem
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Love for Nature
  • Respect for Others

Learning Areas

  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Exercises of Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Culture

Enrichment Activities

  • English Tutorial
  • Conversation
  • Computer Skills Development
  • Religion
  • Arts and Craft
  • Music
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Field Trips


  • Visitor’s Sitting Area
  • Medical Room
  • Mini Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Indoor Activity Room
  • Outdoor Activity Room
  • Library
  • Spacious Classrooms

Address: Opp. Building # 49, Seaview Township, Ph V Ext. DHA Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-35840473
Email: da.kidscampus@gmail.com

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