Daaman – Feminine Spring Wear!

3 piece dresses may be suitable for formal dinner, parties or function, but not for casual meetings or hangouts. Attires have to be comfortable yet stylish without too much bling and flash; a subtle combination of elegance, style and comfort. An added benefit would be, if the attires were ready made: pick, try, select and buy. It would take all the hassle out of shopping, simply visit the outlet and splurge.

In case of the 3 piece dresses, they come with the added work of shrinking the material before it can be given for stitching, then comes the mind boggling discussion with the tailors to create the perfect dress and assuming all goes well; it will be a good two to three weeks before the final dress is in the hands.

By the time, the person gets the opportunity to wear the dress, the entire town has worn it before and it becomes a fashion gone by. There goes the thrill of buying an expensive designer three piece formal suit; the charm to wear it diminishes.

Women will be lucky if the tailor goes by the stated designs and cuts without trying to improvise because that there will be the murder of such an exquisite dress. Thus for casual meet ups, ready-to-wear clothes are best suited. They cost far lesser and the stitching, designs and prints are contemporary yet appealing to the local fashion style.

Daaman (Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi) - Feminine Spring Wear!

Women and girls spend quality time to prepare hip clothes- the end result is upon the mercy of the tailors technique and talent. It will be no fun if the money and time spent yield a sub-standard dress with poor craftsmanship. Such wardrobe malfunction is worrisome with an immediate meet up on hand.

There could be nothing worse than a woman with a temper over a wardrobe malfunction. Ready-to-wear ensembles are the solution, but the question is what about the quality and design? Many ready-to-wear ensembles may cost less, but the customer will have to compromise on quality or design.

Located on the ground floor in Dolmen Mall Clifton is Daaman, a ready-to-wear clothing label for women that specializes in all things hip and trendy and is your one stop destination for casual/ formal wear.

Address: G-28, Ground Floor, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35293934
Email: orders@daamandesigns.com
Website: http://www.daamandesigns.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daamandesigns/

Clothing line at Daaman caters to the dressing needs of the modern women, whether working or stay at home wives. The attires make for great dresses for universities for young girls. The clothes have variations between bright beach colours with moderate amounts of thread work to simple plain kurtas in an elegant cut.

The new spring collection at Daaman offers a huge variety in terms of colours and designs- price for the casual clothes begin somewhere from Rs 2800 till around Rs 5000. Besides the casual collection, the formal collection is equally exquisite and elegant.

The last vestiges of sale at Daaman are still hanging while most of the stock has already been cleared out by the customers. The spring collection will add a new sense of style to the wardrobe and must not be missed.

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