Dance by Désformés at AFK

Hip-hop and contemporary French dance trio—Dé(s)formé(S)—is coming to Karachi!

Part of the Compagnie Chriki’Z, Dé(s)formé(S)’ choreographic objective is adapting to the places in which it performs. The dance piece can be transformed according to the architecture of the place, its history, or according to the placement of the spectators. They are so thrilled to be welcoming them to the Alliance Française de Karachi on 16 November 2019 as part of their tour in Pakistan.

Date: Saturday, 16 November 2019
Time: 7:30 to 8:30 PM
Place: Alliance Française de Karachi
Entry: Free and open to all and seating on a first come, first served basis
Event Link:

Dé(s)formé(S) is a physical experience.

The bodies are released by an energetic, incisive, and fluid dance. They cling to each other, disconnect, connect, and sometimes, isolate themselves. The embrace—which secures—is sometimes soothing, sometimes oppressive. They create their own spaces, playing in the places in which they evolve. Spaces of expression, of oppression, in which the movement is percussive, and performative, spaces of sensations where the gesture—minimal, slow and light—allows observation.

With the belief that we are all dancers, and actors of the play that is played, we come to appreciate that each body is unique, each body has its own shape, its own texture, its own energy. What is the the unique and common gesture? The gesture that is formed and deformed. How does a transmitted subject become common to the group and at the same time unique and unique to each? Will the same movement danced by a child and an old woman be read differently? Will it embody anything else?

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