Deepak Perwani To Launch Concept Store at Dolmen City Mall – Clifton, Karachi

Deepak Perwani To Launch Concept Store at Dolmen City Mall - Clifton, KarachiWith his out-of-the-box design philosophy, it seems that the internationally-acclaimed fashion guru Deepak Perwani will never stop growing. Having opened a number of outlets in Pakistan and abroad, Perwani will now be seen launching his own concept store at Dolmen City Mall in Karachi — the current hub of branded fashion.

Clearly there is no stopping the iconic designer who has flourished against odds that include minimal education and a family of landlords. We were intrigued that the designer has decided to open a third outlet in close proximity to existing ones.

“We at Deepak Perwani are a progressive team — our idea is to consolidate our product line. We also believe that the future of shopping lies in malls. There are certain basic rules of how women shop in Karachi, so there are many factors guiding us in that direction,” Perwani says, referring to the outlet in Dolmen City Mall.

Although the brand’s outlets thus far are located in Zamzama and Park Towers, the factory outlet is based in Korangi. “It’s the place to be — from printing to professional dying, all is done in Korangi.”

Perwani claims that his style of working is ‘awami’ and that he does not shy away from socialising. Currently on a joy ride with his new store opening at Dolmen, he says, “The store is going to be very sexy. I love the idea — I am very excited about it. It will be a place where I can properly display all of my collection.”

via Express Tribune

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