Defence Authority Sunset Club held Eid Millan Party and Melody Nigth

Defence Authority Clubs provide exquisite recreational and entertainment facilities to its members and occasionally hold functions which are truly remarkable and enjoyable in its essence. An enthralling and lively Eid Millan Party was held in the serene and beautiful environment of Defence Authority Sunset Club in which the members and their families got a chance to interact, exchange greetings and to spend some wooping good time together. The party was followed by a fantastic Melody Night in which renowned signer Sara Hassan in her melodious voice performed in a superb manner and mesmerized the crowd. She made the evening memorable and enjoyable in its real sense.

The gentle sea breezes blowing across the Club’s lawn alongwith scintillating colourful lights and creatively decorated stage set the tone for a very attractive and glorious musical performance. The meticulous arrangements made by Sunset Club and their exceptional hospitality made the evening memorable.

The melody night was truly exceptional which not only refreshed and rejuvenated the gathering but also left indelible marks of pleasure and joy on their minds to rejoice and recreate for a long time.

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