Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents (DEFCLAREA) – Election Results 2015

Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents (DEFCLAREA) - Election Results 2015

Defence & Clifton Association of Real Estate Agents (DEFCLAREA) represents Real Estate Agents working in Clifton & Defence (Karachi). Its goal is to provide a professional environment for members to maximize business opportunities.

The DEFCLAREA is Pakistan’s Largest Real Estate Agents Association represents over 1400 Registered Members. DEFCLAREA serves its members through a wide variety of publications, educational programs and special services.

DEFCLAREA Election 2015 was held on Saturday, 18th April 2015 at Redisson Lawn, DHA Phase-1 adjacent PSO Pump, near KPT Interchange, Karachi. Here are the results:

Office Bearers

  1. President – Raja Mazhar (Unity Group)
  2. Senior Vice President – Kaleem Firdosi (Unity Group)
  3. General Secretary – Ahmed Raza Hashmi (TRG)
  4. Joint Secretary – Asif Abdul Karim (Unity Group)
  5. Vice President (Clifton) – Muhammad Bashir (TRG)
  6. Vice President (Defence) – Zubair Baig (Unity Group)
  7. Finance Secretary – Nadeem Nazir (Unity Group)
  8. Welfare Secretary – Sardar Sultan (Unity Group)
  9. Educational Secretary – Faraz Qavi (Unity Group)
  10. Media Secretary – Syed Sanaullah (Unity Group)
  11. External Liaison Secretary – Nazir Barkat (Unity Group)
  12. Sports Secretary – Asif Asmat (Unity Group)
  13. Co-ordination Secretary – Tassadaq Abbas Sheikh (Unity Group)
  14. Social and Cultural Secretary – Rool-ul-Amin (TRG)

Zonal Councilors

  1. DA-I – Johnson Sadiq (Unity Group)
  2. DA-II – Siddiq Qureshi (Independent)
  3. DA-III – Irfan Lakyari (Unity Group)
  4. DA-IV – Zafar Iqbal (Unity Group)
  5. DA-V – Munawar Malik (Unity Group)
  6. DA-VI – Safdar Saeed (TRG)
  7. DA-VII – Muhammad Umair Sikander (TRG)
  8. DA-VIII – Noor Hussain (TRG)
  9. DA-IX – Shahid (TRG)
  10. DA-X – Saqib Durrani (Unity Group)
  11. DA-XI – Saqib Shah (Unity Group)
  12. CA-I – Ashraf Motiwala (Unity Group)
  13. CA-II – Imran Amanullah (Unity Group)
  14. CA-III – Hanif Memon (TRG)

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  1. Mohammad yaseen says:

    Conratulation to Unity Group

  2. SYED AFAQ HASAN says:

    Heartially Congratulated To All Elected General Body, To All Elected Members
    Hope the Better Future in Defclarea
    and Also Hope for Promoting of Real Estate Agents Brothers
    and also Congratulation to All Defclareans
    winning & defeating are Temporary Things
    while, Our Moto & Aim must be the Better Future in Defclarea and Favour full Implements for Real Estate Agents

    Syed Afaq Hasan
    0300 2878677

  3. Wasif butt says:

    Congurilation everyone who ever win form there area and good luck unity group
    Aslam butt and associates
    Wasif butt

  4. ARSALAN AFTAB says:

    Conratulation to Unity Group.

    Al Mehboob Estate.

  5. Muhammad yousuf Arain says:

    Congratulation all Defclarean and specially unity group. Inshallah unity group will give positive and good result in future.



    Congratulated To All Elected General Body &
    To All Elected Members.


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