Defence Society Residents’ Association – An Overview

Defence Society Residents’ AssociationDHA was set up in 1956 by the retired and serving officers of the Armed Forces in an area adjacent to Naval Air Foam Houses, what is now known as Phase-1, DHA. Subsequently seven more phases were added.

In 1976, Dr. Shamim Dadi and Mrs. Farkhanda Ahmed were the Founder Sponsors of the idea of having a Residents Association for redressing their problems through mutual cooperation. It was named “Defence Society Housewives Association” and on September 2, 1978, the Association was finally issued a Registration Certificate by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.

In the Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting on March 11, 1979, it was decided to change the name of the Association from “Defence Housewives Association” to its current name “Defence Society Residents’ Association” which was approved by the Registrar on August 25, 1979. The First Annual General Meeting was held on May 8, 1981.

In 1993, due to the efforts of Mr. Maqsud A. Mian, a new amended constitution was drafted and registered. Subsequently, Mirza Aftab-i-Alam Kizilbash, Vice President/ Chairman Constitution Sub-Committee ((1997-98) and Rear Admiral Sajjad Akbar, President (1997-98) further updated and improved upon the DSRA constitution in a professional manner, and incorporating all the amendments in a final draft as amended up to 1998, got it formally approved by the Registrar on September 28, 1998. After all the formalities were met, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) approved the printing, publication, and distribution to all the members, copies of the final draft of the DSRA’s Constitution. After each & every amendment, the DSRA constitution continues to be updated on a regular basis.

During DSRA’s first Annual General Body Meeting, under its current name and constitution, was duly held on May 8, 1981, and the former Chief of Pakistan Navy, Vice Admiral Muzaffar Hasan, was elected as its first President. During his leadership, DSRA became a highly influential and an active voice of all the residents of the DHA. Admiral Muzaffar Hasan continued as the Association’s President till 1990, providing the group stability and maturity. It has come a long way from its humble beginning as a Housewives Association, growing into the largest and the most influential resident association in the country.

Aims & Objectives

The Memorandum of Association has laid down the following aims and objectives:

  • To improve the living conditions of the residents of the Defence Housing Society.
  • To develop civic sense in the residents of the society.
  • To foster voluntary participation of the residents of the society in solving their problems.
  • To safeguard and look after the interests of the members and residents of the society.
  • To promote such literary, cultural and social pursuits, as the Association may decide from time to time.
  • To take such steps as may be necessary and conducive to attain the above objectives through meetings, appeals, deputations, and legal actions.
  • To raise funds to meet the expenditure incurred in achieving the above objectives.
  • To establish phase-wise or in any other manner, as the General Body may decide from time to time, Chapters in the Defence Housing Society as and when deemed necessary.
  • To promote Social Welfare Activities to alleviate the sufferings of destitute and arrange financial and material assistance and the support for the poor and needy persons.

Central Executive Committee

Affairs of the Association are looked after by its elected Central Executive Committee (CEC), headed by the President, and assisted by two Vice Presidents (one lady and one gentleman), Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and fourteen Members (9 gentlemen and 5 ladies). Chairpersons of DSRA’s charitable Trusts & the civilian Member Clifton Cantonment Board (a DSRA Member), The CEC regularly meets at least once a month, on every first Sunday of the month.

DSRA elections are held every two years for all the Office Bearers and the retiring half of the members of the Central Executive Committee. All the elected representatives are restricted to no more than four years of continuous tenure (maximum two 2-year terms for all the Office Bearers and one 4-year term for the members of the CEC), giving an opportunity to induct continued fresh ideas and leadership.

During each term of the CEC (2 years), it forms various Sub-Committees, headed by a Chairperson and including interested volunteers from the DSRA membership roster. Currently, the following Sub-Committees of the CEC are in operation:

Utilities Sub-Committee

It looks after the civic problems being faced by the residents and tries to resolve their complaints directed towards various departments of the DHA and the Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC). It has decided to add public utility companies such as KESC, Sui Gas, and the PTCL to its roster and is in the process of building liaison with them as well.

Cultural Sub-Committee

In order to increase interaction between the members and to increase awareness about the Association, it regularly arranges seminars, cultural events, and religious and national celebrations.

Public Relations Sub-Committee

It is responsible to maintain communication between the Association and the members and to attract newer members from the area. It publishes a quarterly DSRA Newsletter, popularly known as the “Voice of the DHA Residents”. It has recently activated a website as well, which would eventually grow into a full-fledged, user-friendly, informative and an interactive means of communication.

Education & Welfare Sub-Committee

Its terms of reference includes liaison with all educational institution in the DHA areas, establish scholarship for meritorious but needy students; help organize competitive activities in sports, debates, arts exhibition and other co-curricular activities; and develop book reading culture in the educational institutions.

Health & Welfare Sub-Committee

Its term of reference includes liaison with all healthcare institutions in the DHA areas and other civic organizations for a better and healthy environment through public awareness programs, specifically parks and beaches in and around DHA.

In order to fulfill its responsibilities towards the less privileged adjoining communities, DSRA has also formed independent bodies in the form of charitable registered Trusts. All the Trusts are governed by their own constitution and their own Board of Trustees. But, in order to maintain their links with their mother organization (DSRA), the President DSRA is represented on their Board of Trustees. Similarly, the Chairpersons of the Trusts also serve as the Ex-Officio Members of the DSRA’s Central Executive Committee.

  • DSRA Education & Welfare Trust – DSRA established an Education & Welfare Trust with an aim to establish an institution to provide the highest quality of education to under-privileged children from the kachi abadis on the outskirts of the DHA, presently available to only the privileged classes, The Trust provides totally free education along with free lunch, free uniforms, and health benefits to all its students. During Eid & Ramazan, children’s families are provided with gifts & food items. Throughout the year, many extracurricular activities and school functions are held to impart not only an all-rounded educational experience but to provide healthy entertainment opportunities as well. The Chairman of the Trust is an ex-officio member of the CEC, while President of DSRA and another CEC member represents DSRA on the its Board of Trustees.
  • DSRA Health & Welfare Trust – DSRA sponsored to establish a Health and Welfare Trust for the sick, poor and needy people in and around the DHA areas. A basic healthcare medical centre is providing standard medical services, as well running special programs for preventive cares and a structured population planning program. The Chairman of the Trust is an ex-officio member of the CEC while President of DSRA and another CEC member represents DSRA on the Board of Trustees.

Defence Society Residents Association
Mezzanine Floor, 10-C/2, Western Plaza,
12th Commercial Street, Phase -2 (Extn)
Defence Housing Authority, Karachi-75500


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