Defence Society Residents’ Association – Central Executive Committee (2011-12)

Defence Society Residents’ Association (DSRA) is the oldest and the largest residents’ association in the DHA. It has thousands of Life Members, residing in all 8 phases of the DHA. Over the years, an overwhelming majority of its residents and owners consist of primarily civilians from every walk of life.

The DSRA members include residents from across the board and includes the cream of Pakistan from every sphere of its society: Business tycoons; policy makers & legislators; federal & provincial cabinet members; diplomats & civil servants; prominent judges & lawyers; retired senior military officers; journalists & writers; medical professionals, scientists, engineers and educationists; accountants, bankers & stock brokers; and of course housewives who form the backbone of our society.

Defence Society Residents’ Association Central Executive Committee (2011-12)

DSRA is a completely non-political body and its Constitution does not allow it to be used as a platform by any political party or individual for achieving any political objectives or ends. DSRA welcomes all the residents of the DHA to become its Life Members and participate in its civic, cultural, social welfare and charitable activities.

Here is the list of Office Bearers & Members of Defence Society Residents’ Association Central Executive Committee (2011-12):

  • Capt. Haleem A. Siddiqui – President
  • Mr. Asad Hasan Kizilbash – Vice President
  • Mrs. Tahira Athar Naseem – Vice President
  • Mrs. Shamim Zaman – Hon. Gen. Secretary
  • Mr. Zahid Iqbal – Hon. Joint Secretary
  • Capt. Farooq Herekar – Hon. Treasurer
  • Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui – Ex-Officio Health Trust
  • Admiral Sajjad Akbar – Ex-Officio Educational Trust
  • Mr. Aziz Suharwardy – Ex-Officio CBC
  • Engr. Anwar Ul Haq Siddiqui – Member
  • Mr. Gulzar Hussain Kazi – Member
  • Mr. Hafeez Ud Deen – Member
  • Mr. Sarwat Majeed Shaikh – Member
  • Mr. Ateeq Ur Rehman Khan – Member
  • Mr. Syed Muhammad Shah – Member
  • Mr. Shaikh Zahirudin – Member
  • Mr. Mohammad Ziker Mahenti – Member
  • Mrs. Shahina Islam – Member
  • Mrs. Samina Sikander – Member
  • Mrs. Sabiha Parveen – Member
  • Mrs. Yasmeen Arif Herekar – Member
  • Mr. Aijaz Nabi – Member
  • Mr. Zahid Javed Butt – Member
  • Mr. Asghar Ali – Member


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