Deja Vu – Dress Like a Man!

Women around the world are known to be avid shoppers, their keen eyesight can find the perfect dress among a huge dump of ill matched clothes. Women are no doubts the experts when it comes to dressing for any occasion; they may be at home with the children or in the kitchen, their attires will be just right for that task.

Shopping and women go hand in hand since the time of the creation of the first shop on the face of the earth. Men meanwhile have the tenacity to create targets before leaving for shopping; they walk-in, pick the attire, decide, pay and exit. The entire process of shopping for men is about buying clothes whereas for the women it is an exhilarating experience.

The fashion streets and malls throughout Karachi are lined with shops for women because they are the largest target market around after children. Men on the other hand seem to have a limited number of shops to head to in case they need clothes or accessories; the thought of such limited variety is sad and gloomy.

Deja Vu Men's Collection - Zamzama Commercial Area DHA KarachiMen often prefer dressing up casually, but the look tends to be sloppy. Not that every man has a sloppy casual look, but sometimes the casual attire put together may not work that well. A sloppy looking man will be the least impressive amongst the ladies and the general public. Be it casual dressing or formal, the clothes for men should complement their structure and skin tones. For men, picking clothes is all about comfort and very little style, while the women will sacrifice comfort over style any day.

To keep the men in line with the best clothing possible, a store with the entire shenanigans is ideal. DÉJÀ VU (which literally means having already experience) is a complete men’s store will be launched on the 14th February 2014.

Address: Plot C-1, Shop – 5, Lane 4, Zamzama Commercial Area, DHA Karachi.

The teasers for the Kurta collection at DÉJÀ VU for men are modern and stylish bringing forth a new change in the traditional colours and stitching. Light thread work to liven up the kurta’s complement the dressing style of the modern men.

Men will now be as stylish as women when it comes to clothes. Moreover the sherwani collection complemented by the turbans looks elegant and royal for weddings. Grooms-to-be will find this launch the perfect opportunity to search for the kind of sherwani they wish to wear on their wedding day.

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