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Delegation of DHA Suffa University Calls on Administrator DHA

A delegation of post graduate students of DHA Suffa University of Engineering and Management Sciences comprising engineering students of M.Sc Urban and Regional Planning discipline called on Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali and had an interactive session with him. They discussed matters pertaining to regional planning, development strategy, urban layout and intricate details of master plan of DHA mega projects. The students showed keen interest in the mechanics of urban and town planning matters and asked a number of questions on the subject.

Administrator appreciated the inquisitiveness of students and their quest for knowledge and learning. He advised the students to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments and emerging trends in the science of urban and regional planning discipline. He said that engineering excellence and sound professional acumen in urban and regional planning based on practical knowledge and know how was the key to success for their progression and advancement in their profession.

Administrator said that DHA was a forward looking land development and town planning organization of the country with a progressive outlook. He explained to them the conceptual frame work, visionary approach, intricate mechanics and futuristic approach involved in planning of DHA mega projects.

It was a very educative and informative session through which the students were enlightened on various engineering matters and emerging concepts in the field of urban and regional planning. Such exposures provided to students by DHA Suffa University helps to foster their academic knowledge through real professional life experience.

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