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Right from the social media websites till the home based bakeries- baking cakes has become all about sugary fondant and 3D images. The cakes and cupcakes are marvelous works of art which require painstaking hours of modelling and sculpting each image, so that it is as close to the description of the customers as possible.

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Not an easy task at all- firstly working with fondant and being capable of the talent to bring about perfect execution of the ideas. Given the extreme weather conditions- fondant may or may not work in favor at certain times. Noteworthy is the effort that goes in to making each cupcake and cake a masterpiece; the instant reaction is that of total wonder when the look is revealed.

With all the effort that goes into making these detailed works of art is a downside as well- the flavors are old and monotonous. So even though the cupcakes look absolutely gorgeous, they lack in terms of flavor and uniqueness. Eye candy but not the least bit tasty until and unless it is not with a rich deep frosting of crème cheese or ganache.

The trend of fondant based cupcakes is on a steady decline given the extreme mouthfuls of sugar in each bite. Replacing the sugary fondant is the ever loved and golden crème cheese and chocolate; they are classics which can be twisted around and incorporated with different flavors to create something completely new.

In minimalistic terms- crème cheese and chocolate are love. Right from the grown-ups till the young ones, everyone will scramble to pick out a chocolate dessert out of a huge selection. Chocolate is irresistible for everyone- be it the weight watchers or the diabetes patients. Self-policing with chocolate cupcakes and cakes is not possible.

Delizia Bakery - Shahbaz Commercial Area - DHA Karachi

Given the classic nature of crème cheese and chocolate; they tend to be on the steeper side of prices, but worth every dime spent. Bringing back the love and flavors of crème cheese and chocolate is a bakery located in the heart of Defence at Khayaban-e-Sehar by the name of Delizia.

Address: 27-E, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Main Khayaban-e-Sehar, Phase VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0345-4775500, 021-35857184

Delizia is a new bakery on the block which has certainly set the bar really high, given the prime quality imported ingredients. Every cake at Delizia is made from scratch from the highest quality of procured imported ingredients- the result is glossy rich decadent cakes.

Primarily Delizia is offering decadent and full of rich goodness chocolate cakes in a variety of new flavors like Malt, Kit Kat, Ferrero or Heaven. Besides the rich gooey chocolate delights are the White chocolate and Red Velvet cakes as well for the traditionalists. However when at Delizia be sure to get your hands on the delicious Hershey’s Fudge Brownie for Rs 100 per piece and you will not be disappointed.

The New York style baked cheese cake and Apple Crumble are eye candy and deliciously tantalizing. Step into the threshold of Delizia bakery to truly enjoy the decadent delights.

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  1. Saira says:

    their ferrero classic cake is too good.

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