Dengue Eradication Campaign in DHA Karachi

Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease caused by breeding habitats of the major mosquito vector, Aedes Aegypti. It has lately assumed epidemic proportions engulfing the entire country. DHA with a view to provide healthy and dynamic living environment to its residents has launched a hectic vector surveillance and exploration drive to identify the potential breeding points of mosquitoes and to eliminate/control the spread of the epidemic through an intensive fumigation campaign. The vector surveillance and fumigation drive was carried out by DHA Services teams in Defence areas.

The comprehensive campaign which kicked off last week included fumigation and spray drives intended against the stagnant standing water, storm water drains, garbage dumps and manholes etc. The fumigation campaign will effectively prevent the breeding of mosquitoes, flies and insects, which are the potential carriers of different diseases and viruses.

Spray insecticides from vehicle mounted fogger thermal machines comprising dengue chemicals per-mathrin, delta methen, temephoy and larvae were sprayed at each nook and corner of various areas in DHA. The DHA fumigation campaign included effective fumigation of all DHA schools/colleges, clubs, various directorates, medical centre, central library, residential areas, parks and surrounding areas.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated DHA Services for effectively conducting the fumigation campaign against the deadly viruses. He asked them to ensure that the chances of outbreak of dengue epidemic in the area is effectively obviated.

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  1. Umer says:

    Please spray my area A street in DHA PHASE 5 , or I should say the whole of DHA with dengue spray.

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