DHA Book Fair 2013 by Liberty Books

DHA Book Fair 2013 by Liberty Books

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”- Confucius

Every time a book is opened, something new is learnt, discovered. It would be wise to say- it’s a new journey each time wherein the reader wades through depths of mystery, immerses in the tranquility of philosophy or poetry, or merely spends hours at a stretch persuing topics of varied interests. Reading books has become a long lost habit, partly due to the technological advancements which have brought the global news and books at finger tips.

On this bitter note of poor book reading habits, one is forced to assume the worse- basically the decline of books stores and diminishing interests. However contrary to this thought is the very iconic wood panelled brightly lit store with rows and rows of towering shelves of books. This little haven is Liberty Books – Your complete book store. Established in 1961 liberty books is the fastest growing chain of book stores in Pakistan. With a wide range of subject matter covered for all age groups, a visit to the store is sure to satisfy book cravings for the entire family.

Superior educational institutions are one of the successful accolades accredited to DHA’s efforts. Thus continuing with this very thought process, DHA partnered with Liberty Books to create an event ‘DHA Book Fair‘, with the purpose of encouraging families to take active part in reading books; it is being held at 17-C, South Park Avenue, Phase 2 Extension. It has been a week since the fair started and shall go on for three months till 31st March 2014.

A broad assortment of books and magazines are available in categories such as fiction, mystery, romance, history or business. The variety of books available is not limited to a selected few authors or languages, but to a host of new international and local authors each of whom with their works present to the avid or novice readers a chance to step into the chartered waters of the book world.

Many of the readers will find themselves mesmerized and attracted to new genres in books as they wallow through the best and must have list of books by liberty. While at this fair, families can become members at the liberty book club which would enable them not just discounts in the future but also keep them informed of the latest best sellers and low price book sales.

For all those who have just stepped in the book world and are yet indecisive of what they should be starting off with, there is always help from the staff. Only after asking the likes of the individual in question, staff give their suggestions on authors and genres. Bright and vibrant books displaying known cartoons are sure to grab the attention of the young ones. In addition to this exploration are puzzles and fun learning games as well; a true treat for the young minds.

DHA Book Fair 2013 by Liberty Books

A visit to the DHA Book Fair is highly recommendation for all the residents of DHA and Clifton; it is a fun way of going out and instilling in children the love for book. The best part of this being the entire family can participate together. Hone the minds of the young with books and no better place to begin than at the DHA Book Fair. Happy Reading!

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