DHA Business Zone – An Innovation Towards Modernization of Business

DHA Business Zone - An Innovation Towards Modernization of BusinessKarachi is one of the biggest cities in the world. It is also the business hub of Pakistan. The city has grown enormously in the last few decades, speaking of which, the real estate sector has also made progress. The most prominent areas in Karachi for real estate market are DHA and Clifton. Specifically, DHA Phase-VIII, which now holds many prestigious and world class projects like Crescent Bay, Creek Vistas and Creek Marina etc. These projects have added great significance to the area and the land value is constantly going up.

Commercial or business zones have been put together all around the world for ease of customers and convenience to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. One example is Auckland’s Commercial Zones. Now following the same path of innovation, DHA Phase-VIII would soon feature a commercial zone, known as “DHA Business Zone” (DHABZ). DHA Business Zone would be constructed at Beach Avenue. It would feature no residential or educational establishment, but commercial plots with a space margin of 200 sq ft as minimum dimensions of a shop and 1000 sq ft for offices. All buildings are planned to be kept centrally airconditioned with its own private parking space. DHA has also defined Byelaws for DHABZ.

The construction of DHABZ would not only bring a commercial revolution in the city, but also gather the finest commercial elements together. DHA Phase-VIII promises to be one of the top class areas, featuring all the exemplary residential, commercial and recreational services.

This article is written by Muhammad Younus Rizvi for DHA News 2011..

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