DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) – All You Need To Know!

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) is the only area having three side water and even this is not an Island, this is very unique kind of land, not very commonly seen in any other part of world. Though, there are many island have four side water or even three side water like we have Manora as well but this kind of developed housing scheme is only Phase VIII.

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It has all up-to-date infrastructure and having all the modern facilities. It also have all the amenities like Clubs, Parks, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Cinemas etc.

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) is the 2nd largest phase of Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority as Phase IX (DHA City Karachi) is the largest one with 11640 acres. DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus acres is designated only for Phase 8.

It also has proven best ROI (Return on Investment) in last three decades (1980 to 2010) and even last 4 years are best ever returns. The residential plot prices ranging from PKR 40,000/= to 140,000/= per square yard and commercial plot price range from PKR 200,000/= to 750,000/= per square yard. It has proved that prices can increases 100 % every year and even more than this. In some of the area of Phase VIII price came up five times within four years times.

DHA Karachi Phase VIII spread over huge land, and for the development purpose (portions wise), it has been divided into different zones. Like A, B, C, D, E, and Phase 8 Extension also known as Sahil Streets. It has most prime commercial area known as DHA Business Zone, located in the Zone C of Phase VIII.

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DHA Business Zone:

DHA Business Zone is one of its kind commercial area of Phase VIII. It has a great potential for investors and end users, location of this area is extremely good, as some saying for Real Estate that there are three things  that are important for any particular property and the answer is Location, Location & Location, and this kind of location we witnessed in Business Zone. It is just in front of Arabian Sea with very calm water, there is no other location of this type all over Pakistan. Business Zone is spread over approximately 25 Acres of Land.

Master Plan:

DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII)

DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) is located on the best area of Phase VIII, at the edge of Sea facing calm water. Buildings will provide the best sea view from this area. Defence Authority Country & Golf Club is very close to this and Do Darya which is a very well known dining spot these days is near too. In the same vicinity there are high end residential projects coming up in the future, Emaar’s Pakistan project Crescent Bay and The Arkadians is few kilometers away.

There are many residential and commercial areas in Phase VIII, but there is one and only area named Business Zone. This will be best commercial area of Phase VIII, it has very few plots of 333, 666 square yards and very limited plots of 1000, 2000, and 5000 yards. It has separate construction by-laws and different COS will be applicable for this particular area, to give the excellent quality and best environment and feel to this area.

Nearby Amenities & Recreational Facilities:

  • Do Darya is very well known dining spot these days, this spot is famous for last many years, when Phase VIII was not developed this much, many people visit this place for smooth breeze in the evening, many who have interest in fishing also use to go there for fulfill their fishing hobby and also enjoy delicious food with a beautiful sea view. Its probably the only food street of it’s kind in Pakistan. Many restaurants have their first outlet in other part of city, and specially the concept of highway dining started on super highway, in Mid 90’s, by very well know restaurant Al-Habib, and later many other open their outlets there, almost all the restaurants have their outlet in this belt.
  • Defence Authority Country & Golf Club is spread over approximately 140 Acres. An 18 hole par 72 course with a total yardage of 6693 was initially designed by Mr. Donald Steel. The Golf Course has been redeveloped to USGA Standard with night golfing facility and an automatic irrigation system. The present yardage of the course has been increased to 7120 to meet international standards.
  • DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy) headed by Moin Khan, is the first of its kind professional sports coaching facility in Pakistan complete with flood lights. The Club introduces a new concept of professional coaching in cricket, squash and swimming to begin with. Whereas a fully equipped Gymnasium is also featured for general fitness. The Club is ideally located at a serene and cosy corner in DHA Phase VIII – making it one of the safest locations to host mega sports events.
  • The Place – Located opposite the famous Creek Vistas Apartments in Phase 8, it is not difficult to find ‘The Place’- the flashing neon billboard and bustling traffic are signs leading to the most happening place in town. The Place is host to the very famous Nueplex Cinema which has created a stir amongst the cinema lovers since it features 3 of the largest silver screens in Pakistan. With 5 cinemas inclusive of a royal cinema for those who wish to be pampered while enjoying a movie; Nueplex Cinema is surely one of the main attractions of The Place, added to this is the lucrative choices of movies being played.

Construction of Saleable area (COS):

DHA Business Zone has excellent view of Arabian Sea with very calm water in front of this area. The COS for this area is very specific, as in whole defence area all commercial plots have 1/5 or 1/5.5 COS, but in this area there is Ratio for COS is 1/5.5, 1/8, and in bigger plots 1/10.

It has wide roads, and ample parking space, plus in the by-laws of this Business Zone Parking floors are compulsory and builder has to follow the rules and regulations according to DHA by-laws, this area has its own by laws, and it will be followed strictly.

Plot Demographics:

  • 333 Square Yards – 19 Plots
  • 666 Square Yards – 26 Plots
  • 1000 Square Yards – 02 Plots
  • 1333 Square Yards – 02 Plots
  • 2000 Square Yards – 01 Plot
  • 2500 Square Yards – 02 Plots
  • 5000 Square Yards – 02 Plots

Price Range:

PKR. 4,00,000/= to 6,00,000/= per square yard according to size and location. (January 2015)

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DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (1) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (2) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (3) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (4) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (5) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (6) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (7) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (8) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (9) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (10) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (11) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (12) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (13) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (14) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (15) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (16) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (17) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (18) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (19) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (20) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (21) DHA Business Zone Karachi (Phase VIII) (22)

Note: This information is provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Price variation is due to many reason including location, dimension, and availability of particular type of plots in particular area. It also based on demand and supply and some time follows the market trends as well. All prices are assessed from ongoing market, it can be changed any time and there is no guarantee for any differ. It could vary according to some individual’s need.

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