DHA Campaign against the Use of Polythene Bags

The polythene shopping bags these days are being used with impunity in society with dangerous consequences. This is a social issue of grave nature and a great menace which causes constant environmental degradation and is serious health hazard as well. There is a dire need to initiate action for mitigating the use of polythene bags for shopping and other purposes.

DHA has accordingly launched a vigorous campaign to discourage / ban the use of polythene bags by its staff and DHA residents in their localities. Polythene bags are made of imperishable and non-biodegradable material which chokes the sewerage and drainage system causing overflow of gutters, inundation of area during rains, spoiling of sanitation and pollution of environment.

Moreover the practice of burning plastic bags on streets and on dump sites produces fumes which are extremely dangerous for human health. DHA aware of its social responsibilities is taking all measures to discourage and ban the use of plastic bags while promoting alternate means of carrying consumable items in the Housing Authority.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali has called upon the residents to extend their active support in DHA’s drive to discourage use of polythene bags. He said the wholehearted support of residents would help to preserve clean, healthy and fresh environment in DHA. He specially appealed to the business community to realize their moral obligation and to voluntarily discard use of polythene bags and instead use paper bags/ for the purpose.

DHA’s campaign has different facets which envisages posting multifarious posters on social media as well as displaying of colourful banners and placing of flex boards at various commercial centres, educational institutions, clubs, petrol pumps and other important venues in DHA.

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