DHA City Karachi Brokers Get-together

A get-together was arranged for the DHA City Karachi brokers on Saturday, 8th December 2012 at Spinzer Restaurant located in B Commercial Area Phase II Defence Karachi. Almost 150+ Real Estate Brokers attended the get-together.

The purpose of this meeting is to explore the brokers who are dealing in DCK specifically, and to provide an opportunity for networking among the brokers to do business with each other and enhance the possibility of better knowledge about DCK.

DHA City Karachi Brokers Get-together

In this meeting people shared their knowledge and experience about DHA City Karachi. Many people encouraged DCK that this is very good addition in the market to trade and specially for those small and mid-range investors who want to invest in Real Estate with small size funds. With the increasing inflation and high demand of Real Estate, the prices in Defence Karachi is out of reach for many investors and they could not manage to invest with this high prices.

This get-together was organized by group of Real Estate Brokers who specifically deal in DCK including:

  • Mr. Siddique Qureshi – Siddique Estate
  • Mr. Nasir – Tooba Estate
  • Mr. Afraz – Trust Estate
  • Mr. Rashid Hassan – F.R. Associates
  • Mr. Shaikh Faisal – ShaikhEstate.com

Meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Abdul Razzaq of Hammi Estate. After that Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani (C.E.O. CITI Associates) thanked all attendees who came within very short notice and shows unity at this platform. He also thanked the organizers for giving an opportunity for this get-together.

Mr. Jakvani gave brief introduction about DHA City Karachi and specifically about the ongoing market situation and mention few tips to stable the market, and discourage those who want to speculate the market.

Mr. Jakvani also mentioned that this is the biggest project ever launched in the history of Real Estate in Pakistan with the name of DHA City Karachi. Which spread over 11500 acres of land. DHA is already a very stable and reputed name because of its fair and clean documentation procedure, not only for Karachities but for the people of other cities of Pakistan. Even many overseas Pakistanis are interested to invest in DHA projects.

He further mention DCK have business potential for many decades in the future and we should take it seriously and do trade with business ethics and do not compromise on own stake.

DHA City Karachi Brokers Get-together

Mr. Malik Zulfiqar of Severa Enterprises gave a brief about the market in his own point of view. He also discouraged those who do not fulfill their promises when market goes up. He point out that the advance token money should increase which will make the transaction more reliable. Mr. Rashid Hassan of F.R. Associates & Mr. Mujtaba Khalil gave more briefing about DCK and mentioned many points in this regard.

Mr. Ziker Mahenti also added few words and particularly mention that do not speculate the market because this will harm the client who buy the plot and also the brokers.

Mr. Nasir Jamal of Developers Associates and General Secretary of DEFCLAREA also thanked the organizer for this event and appreciated the participants & encourage their efforts to promote DCK. He emphasized that every broker who deal in DCK should get the full knowledge about the project. With this he will become more aware about the project and can satisfy the customer inquiries. He also mention about the activities of the association which bring more professionalism to the industry. He also announced that DEFCLAREA going to launch the computer courses for their members.

DHA City Karachi Brokers Get-together

At the end, Mr. Syed Shahid Aleem of Naveen Associates and President of DEFCLAREA appreciated all those who made this event successful including organizers and participants. He mention that he tries to resolve many cases between the brokers with the help of other managing committee members.

He also appreciated the members of DEFCLAREA DCK Committee, which is also chaired by him to resolve the issues of brokers. Mr. Aleem encouraged DCK because of its affordability for small size investors made it good addition to the market. He agrees to provide his full support at any stage to any individual and also mentioned the efforts of DEFCLAREA and his team members.

At the end DUA by Syed Shahid Aleem for the betterment of industry and for Pakistan.

DHA City Karachi Brokers Get-together

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  1. Soni Estate says:

    sorry to say the program celebrate was not properly announced. Many estate agent cannot attend the meeting as they were not informed or invited.There are many new comers in this field and want to know about the dealing from their seniors. Hope in future there will proper invitation to every member of the association.
    Regards, Yaseen.

  2. Afraz Khan says:

    Dear Mr. Yaseen, this is just to inform you that this programme was not organized by the association, so that it should be clear that it’s unnecessary to compliant about invitations. We have invited only those Real Estate Agent Brothers who are working exclusively in DHA CITY KARACHI. And Alhamdolillah we succeeded as far as invited guests are concerned. Moreover, we invited the seniors of association to oblige them.

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