DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) – All You Need To Know!

DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) - All You Need To Know!

A typical sector at DHA City Karachi (DCK) will have gated communities with boundary wall all around at each sub-sector and gates. A typical sector in DCK shall have community facilities spread throughout the sector for ease to its uses.

DCK has derived a plan where dwellers will comfortably share their lifestyle further enabled due to interlink social proximities. Sixteen residential sectors have been planned in DCK whereas each sector is almost an independent small city of approx. 40,000 residents.

The neighborhood concept promoted as one of the most important parameters in DCK residential development. It will enable social coexistence and community life. The variations of building types, plot types and Cul-desac formations enhance the quality of living at the neighborhood scale.

DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) - All You Need To Know!

The physical phase of the planning has developed communities encompassing various types of living preferences. The first will be to connect the people to shops, mosques, schools and other commercial quarters. Therefore, routes have been designed in such a way so as to keep the traffic flow to a minimum yet still maintain space for pedestrians and bikers.

Upto ten to twelve communities have been planned in a way to ensure maximum tranquility as no large commercial centers, multifamily homes have been allowed with a view to guarantee complete peace and tranquility in the area. Each sector shall have central community facilities in 3 levels as shown below:

C5 – Community Facilities

DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) - C5 Community Facilities

C5 Community Facilities are at Sector Level (550m) for 5,700 families or 39,100 Residents. C5 Community Facilities will include:

  • Healthcare Facilities – 6700 yards
  • Mosque & Plaza – 5000 yards
  • Marriage Hall – 2800 yards
  • Parking Plaza – 19400 yards
  • Park & Play-fields – 18400 yards
  • Public Open Space – 5300 yards
  • Commercial – 31500 yards
  • Mixed Use – 14150 yards
  • Community Areas – 3900 yards
  • Colleges (Boys & Girls) – 14200 yards

C4 – Community Facilities

DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) - C4 Community Facilities

C4 Community Facilities are at Sub-Sector Level (350m) for 1,000 families or 8,500 Residents. C4 Community Facilities will include:

  • Commercial – 1600 yards
  • Mixed Use – 1800 yards
  • Mosque – 800 yards
  • Community Center – 3400 yards
  • Primary School – 7100 yards
  • Park & Play-fields – 3900 yards
  • Secondary School – 8400 yards
  • Open Public Space – 5300 yards
  • Healthcare – 400 yards
  • Parking Plaza – 2000 yards

C3 – Community Facilities

DHA City Karachi (Commercial Areas) - C3 Community Facilities

C3 Community Facilities are at walkable level or at neighborhood level (150m) for 250 families or 2,000 Residents. C3 Community Facilities will include:

  • Market – 400 yards
  • Commercial – 1000 yards
  • Neighborhood Park – 1500 yards
  • Public Open Area – 1900 yards
  • Kindergarten – 1600 yards

Downtown District

DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Downtown District

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Downtown District will be the most active and lively place for any city to grow economically. DHA City Karachi (DCK) Downtown District will consist of 452 Acres of land. The Downtown District will magnetize the living experience and will attract the people from all over the region to enjoy shopping or doing business here. The proposed Art and Convention Centers will be the beauty of DHA City Karachi (DCK).

The entire DHA City Karachi (DCK) Downtown District is sub-divided into 5 major Sub-Districts:

  • Central Business Sub-District (103 Acres)
  • Culture and Art Sub-District (49 Acres)
  • Education Sub-District (103 Acres)
  • Central Market Sub-District (96 Acres)
  • Mix Use Sub-District (101 Acres)

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