DHA City Karachi (DCK) Commercial Plots Payment Schedule Revised

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Commercial Plots Payment Schedule Revised

DHA Karachi has revised the Payment Schedule of all Commercial Plots in DHA City Karachi (DCK). This revision includes Civilian (Cat-J) types of plots only. Now, all the payment plans are moved till 2029.

For e.g, you hold a 200 Square Yards (Civilian) Commercial Plot in any zone of DHA City Karachi. Before this news, you are paying PKR 1 Lacs as Installment after every 3 months. As per your previous schedule, your installments were upto 2019. Now as per the new Payment Schedule, you have to pay PKR 50,000/- after every 3 months for the same plot and your scheduled is moved uptill 2029.

If you have any further confusion and need to know about how this change will effect your plot, kindly contact CITI Associates at 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

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  1. Hussain says:

    What would be effect of this rescheduling of installments on own of commercial plots.

    In my opinion it should go up?

    Kind Regards

    • Ali says:

      The own should actually go down, because what DHA City is now saying is they won’t be able to complete things by 2019, and has to defer possession till 2029 – by moving the payment schedule to complete in 2029.

      1 lac or 50 thousand, no difference. People were shooting for high premiums in a short time (and such instalments were nothing relative to the pace of premium increase).

      In summary, this is really a disastrous news.

      • Hussain says:

        Dear Ali,

        Thanks for the comments.

        It is only the installment schedule that has changed not plot hand over dates. Red zone plots still be handed over in short term, yellow in mid term and green in long term.

        Due to the above I still feel that the own prices should go up.

  2. rizwan says:

    I knew it..DHA city is a scam..It is just a game played by DHA…

  3. No its not a scam. Its a developmental project payment schedule can be revised but not very frequently and it depends on the government.

  4. Kapadia says:

    What about the announcement that all the sectors will be developed by 2020 and DHA Officials denayed that there is no RED, Yellow and Green Zone as per Development Schedule.

    • adv:ali says:

      yes you are quiet right…. there are no any marked zone for development… on money is made by people who have been forcibly attracted over!!!
      Dha is not responsible for any ups and down…

      let them speak first!!!

  5. ashfaq says:

    any update on development schedule

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