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DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Complete Payment Schedule Guide

DHA City Karachi (DCK)

DHA City Karachi (DCK) is another land mark project by DHA Karachi located on Super Highway at 20 minutes drive from Jinnah International Airport. DHA City Karachi will have all facilities of a modern city. It will have wide road network of AASHTO Standards with service roads and modern traffic control system. Streets will be planned with cul-de-sac concept developing harmony of community living system.

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DHA City Karachi will have world class amenities commensurate to the need of modern living. Special areas will be earmarked for schools, hospitals, community centers and leisure clubs to avoid congestion in peak traffic timings. Prayer areas for different communities residing in Karachi have also been catered. Amusement parks, theme parks in the area will become land mark for recognition of DHA. These parks will be developed by dovetailing profile of the area, high grounds and mountainous range in the north-east to give scenic view.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300/0321-8299101 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

1. Category A – Army Officers



2. Category B – Retired Armed Forces Officers



3. Category H – Def Est



4. Category I – Civilian Govt Officers



5. Category J – Inland Pakistani



6. Category J – Overseas Pakistani



7. Category K – Staff



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  1. habib says:

    need a 1000 yards plot in DHA city 4,5 or 6 sector what is price and own.

  2. mazhar says:

    need 200 yard commercial in cbd
    how much is on money

  3. mazhar says:

    which one is best sector for investment

  4. Capt naeem says:

    Salam i have a 300 sq yard residential plot in catagory K, urgently sale,

  5. ashraf says:

    want to buy 200yards commerial plot in hub commerical

  6. Yasir says:

    I want to buy a 500 square yard residetial plot in easy installments preferably for 20 years. Anyone selling plz email me on the above mentioned email address.

  7. muhammad ali says:

    I want to buy a 500 square yard residetial plot in easy installments preferably for 20 years. Anyone selling plz email me on the above mentioned email address.

  8. Aziz says:

    Want to buy a residential plot of 500 sq yds in DHA city. What is the procedure and prices please?

  9. jalil says:

    wat can be price of 200 yard commercial sectorwise plz

  10. Zohaib says:

    I want to sell my Plot in ( Cat — J ) of 1000 Sq Yards.
    Only Guinean buyer contact me with there demand.


  11. Muhammad Arif says:

    Why there is a difference between price inland & overseas pakistani same size plots?

    500 inland is 1915000, while the same size plot for overseas is 2400000.

  12. Zaffar says:

    Requird residential plot 250 Sq/Feet or 500Sq/Feet

  13. feroz murad says:

    i want 200 or 500 sq. yd. resedential (cat – J)for overseas pakistani , contact me on my email f.murad@hotmail.co.uk.
    Feroz murad

  14. farrukh says:

    Plz send exaect location of site
    and total cost of residential 500 yd plot

  15. Asif says:

    I got 1000 sq plot in sector 16,,,,,want to sale it,,,,,,intends to buy 500 sq two plots ,,army quota,,,,,if any one got it,,plz let me know,,,,,any one including property dealers ,,,,,regards

  16. Fareed says:

    I want to sale my plot 200 Square yards in sector 6-D of DHA City Karachi … Request to Please offer best rates by email fareed.siyal786@gmail.com

  17. A A Khan says:

    I want to purchase a 200 syds plot in Sector 6D, DHA City, Karachi. My budget is 60 lac (total). This amount includes the cost of plot (own) i.e., 54,40,000 and instalments paid by the seller i.e., 5,60,000. The balance instalments would be paid by me as and when due.

    Kindly contact 0300-5122864.

  18. A A Khan says:

    Dear all,

    I’ve revised my buying price that I can offer for a 200 yds residential plot in Sector D-6 of DCK. I can now pay an own of Rs. 58 lac to the seller. All the installments (balance as well as those already paid) will be paid by me in addition to this amount of 58 lac.


    Kindly contact 0300-5122864

  19. Taimur says:

    I am interested to buy plot in DHA City Karachi. If any one selling please reply to this comment.

    I am not a real estate agent so I prefer to deal with direct owner.

    Thank you.

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