DHA City Karachi (DCK) – Immediate Action Plan

DHA City Karachi (DCK) - Immediate Action Plan

Physical execution of development work at DHA City Karachi (DCK) site is now in full swing, as the development work on 12 projects worth Rs. 1 Billion under the Immediate Action Plan has already commenced.

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DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a complete road map of a modern housing, recreational and commercial enterprise that would guarantee the best civic amenities and a dynamic living environment for it’s residents. The execution of projects has commenced form February, 2012. Major projects under Immediate Action Plan (IAP) are divided into four major categories as stipulated below:

  1. Security: This includes construction of Boundary Walls (8 kms), 15 Watch Towers and fully guarded Main Entrance Gate for the safety and security of the future residents.
  2. On-Site Accommodations: The on-site accommodations initially includes Staff Accommodations (G+2), Single Officers’ Accommodation (G+2) and Officers’ Apartments (G+1).
  3. On-Site Offices: On-site offices includes state-of-the-art DCK Directorate Office (G+2), DCK Visitors’ Centre and DCK Central Facility Building (G+1) for visitors convenience.
  4. Infrastructure: Basic infrastructure includes Major Access Road (0.5 km), Campsite External Works (29 Acres) and Tube-wells.

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  1. khurram says:

    300 yards civilian category plot for sale in sector 6D on money demand 21 lac final contact number 03332214701

  2. Asif says:

    I have a plot of 500 yards in army cat.Location of plot is plot no 11 sector 9A.My contact No 03456500162.Looking for best price

    • Dr.Muhammad Ahmed says:

      Since u know DHA has allotted plot numbers so there is no race of Army and Civil in term of rates all are in one row as per market value now the only difference is of long term green, mid term yellow and red short term each color has the difference of two lacs only well may I know your demand please

  3. valait says:

    i want to sell 200 yards residentials plot on best price, mob; 03212647663

  4. aziz ul haq says:

    Dont go on rumors. Prices r settling down & trend is upwards.Even 500 syds Green Zone file is not available on 9th May at 10.5 lakhs On money. Investors should buy before detailed map us out.DHA is determined to have Red Zone ready for occupation in 2015 as GHQ is urging it to do so. Anyone wiling to sell in Green Zone at tdays market price call me on 03452176684

  5. murad says:

    for sale no#1.13/a and 2nd# 6/d sectors 200 yds 03453711115

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