DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – April 2014

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - April 2014


The month of March 2014 was interesting because DHA City Karachi started marketing of its project as mentioned in the last month analysis that DHA have plans to promote DCK through print and electronic media first time ever in it’s whole history.

Even when they launched DCK in 2009, they didn’t market in this way like they did this time. Numbers of advertisements in the newspapers and even TVC were also published on different TV channels. Though it created a little confusion among many people as they assumed that there is some new launch from DHA.

Many people took interest as new Buyer and want to buy in this scheme as they feel that it is recently launched. Because of all this and particularly promotion by DHA as endorsement of Liveable by 2016, the price of RED Zone i.e. Sectors 3, Sector 5 and Sector 7 has been increased. Almost 20% price has been increased in these sectors and because of this price appreciation other sectors also increased a little bit.

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In the same month there was Bahria Town Karachi balloting expected and it was held on 23rd March 2014. Many people were expecting price hike in this but unfortunately there was no spike and market came down after the balloting, and DCK took advantage of this down fall in BTK prices. Almost 10 to 25 % down fall was witnessed in BTK prices from the first day after balloting and still market is not settled.

One thing is very good about this marketing campaign, that many people had no idea about DHA City development work, which they did on the site and now many people got awareness of all the development work they did. The pace of development work is too good and according to plan of short term development including director office, visitors center, DHA staff residence and other (according to plan) are ready with in time. Which creates a positive impact of DHA and increases the confidence level of plot owners.

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ON Money (April 2014)

 DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - April 2014 (ON Amount)


Market moves a little bit on the higher side because of DHA City media campaign and many transactions were made at this increased price, so market seems stable at these price levels. As mention earlier that there is no bullish trend for DCK in 2014 and it will remain stable, though market will increase on very slow pace according to demand and supply basis.

There is another very important factor i.e. Bahria Town Karachi, once the market starts increasing there and people will involve in the trading of BTK, DCK will become slower and might take little price correction because of that. But as always mentioned that for long term investment DCK is ideal investment opportunity and by the time these figures will change and it will produce best ROI in 3 to 5 year time.

DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable, Green and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Why same plot size in category B is more expensive than Category J.

  2. khurram says:

    dha city karachi sector 9c 200 yards plot for sell civilian category on money 21 lac.


  3. azhar says:

    i want to sell 300 sq yd plot in sector 4c, dha city karachi.

  4. Farooq says:

    Sector 4 Cat J 300 Resedential for sale.

    can i get the best price.

  5. IMRAN RANA says:


    • Naveed says:

      I have an A category plot in sector 2D (red zone) my demand is 45 lac (own) if interested reply here with your cell number or email and i’ll give you further details plus my contact number.

  6. umer says:

    aha , some price appreciation , finally , but why to wage court war against BT , they are playing very smart . First there was a program about DHA city Lahore by Mubasher Luqman , and now Mr Kamran Khan geo news , had a 30 minute air time dedicated to DHA karachi. And as usual DHA is keeping mum over the issues of flyover , creek city vista whatever , desalination plant , phase 8 ………………….

  7. abdul aziz khan says:

    plot on sell 12c 500 sqyrds.

  8. Ali. G says:

    Again we notice partial development work by DCK. Previously Mr. Shafi Jacvani informed that development work of all sectors shall run concurrently. We don’t notice road or any other infrastructure work in Sector 1 and Sector 4 despite same are near High Way.

  9. alam says:

    interested in 500 syd in sector 3,5,7

  10. Kamran says:

    2000 yds CBD/commercial plot for sale. Send me an offer and contact number.

  11. hussain says:

    2B 300 yard Cat J for sale. Give me offer, urgent to sell but not below market rate

  12. Abbas says:

    I want to sell my plot at sector 12C. what are the best offers, dues till now are uptodate.
    Sorry for being naive but what is meant by ON price.

  13. Ahmad says:

    I am interested to buy in residential plot in 3, 5 6 or 7 sector. I am a serious buyer please give me reasonable demand.


  14. usama says:

    I want to buy Red Zone plot under 15 lac.

  15. Muhib Ansari says:

    I want to sell my 200 yards plot cat J sector 6D

    Demand 30 lacs ON money

    Contact # +92-332-3561480

    • Ahmad says:

      your Demand is too high. Why not go to Bahria town
      on installment and will be live able by same time.

      Good luck.

      • Johnny says:

        Agree, the demand is way to unreasonable. The phase 2 balloting will start causing a plot in phase 1 to come down. Look for the news article on DHA Today. The prices for phase 1 such as yours will come down once the dates are set for the next balloting.

        In other words, please put a reasonable demand unless your a broker.

        • Muhib Ansari says:

          Mr.Johnny i m not a broker its my own plot if you are interesting in this plot with the price which i mention above so you can contact me and this price is final

          Muhib Ansari

  16. Adnan khan says:

    sector 3-B main 2oo sq-ft residential ki recent demand kia hai??? any one plzzz tell

  17. anwerfarooqui says:

    i want to purchase 200 yard residantion plot Sector A-B or C in DHA City Karachi with reasonable price .any bayer pl contact my email

  18. Salman says:

    Let me know that 2 D in DCK is in a short term plan, anyhow know about it, pl update

  19. faheem says:

    I want sell the Plot in Sector 4-A 300, Residential the ON demand 3,000,000 contact only serious buyers

  20. Khan says:

    Whats the price of 300 yrds plot Cat J sector 2C, i want to sell mine. Please comment bellow if you are intrested

  21. noor says:

    salam to all,

    i have plot of 500 yards in dha city sector 12 d want to sell it .could someone tell me on money .onto the said plot.

    • Abdul Basit says:

      the own would b approx 17~19 for civilian and 21.50~23.50 Army category, if u interested let me know 0092 303 2461777 Thanks

  22. asif says:

    I want to sell my 300 yards, sector 4-a, yellow zone, civilian file for 26 lac on money final. interested parties may email ( muasif76@gmail.com )or reply to this message.

  23. shiraz says:

    i want tosell plot in 10b civilian

  24. Aman Khan says:

    I am interested to purchase 1000 yards in Sector 5C or 5D. Please let me know your offer.

  25. sohail says:

    I want to sell my 300 yards, sector j,cat 4c, yellow zone, civilian file.

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