DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – August 2013

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - August 2013


In the month of July 2013, DHA City Karachi (DCK) prices followed the bullish trend again and made new price hike in almost all sizes and categories. One thing noticed that prices of YELLOW and GREEN Sectors increased more on higher side, and in RED sector because of already high price it didn’t move more on higher side. As recommended earlier that the more suitable buying is in Yellow and Green Zone for investment purpose.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

Commercial plots are on high demand mainly because of less quantity of commercial plots. As market is very much in the positive Real Estate Cycle and no body want to sell at this stage. Everyone looking for more profits. Particularly in Central Business Sub-District (CBD) prices are touching sky and figures are amazing at this stage. Profits are multiplied amazingly and nobody wants to sell their plot in CBD. The same trend happened with 1000 and 2000 square yards residential plots.

One more reason of this price hike is also the Holy Month of Ramadan, as many overseas Pakistanis use to visit their home town and use to invest their savings. Buyers who belong to this category want to buy in hurry as well. The other reason is also the price hike in DHA Karachi, the price of smallest plot in DHA Karachi is not less than 8-9 Million and for a common man it is quite difficult to manage this amount. Comparatively, DCK is the only place where you can buy the plot in just 2-Million.

One more reason is the development work that is going on the site at a pretty good pace. In our last visit of DCK site, fast paced construction activity was witnessed, including Director Office Wing, Staff Residence and other office blocks work is in full swing. These things create a positive impact on the market.

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ON Money (August 2013)

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - August 2013Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

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  1. Saleem says:

    Hi, I have a civilian category 200 sq yard commercial plot sector 6 B that is in red zone. What on money could I expect? All installments are up to date. thanks

  2. Sufian says:

    For Sale : 200 yds commercial in sector 2C C4. Ideally located right besides OGDC and main entrance of DCK adjaent to DHACITY Theme Park.
    Sms your offers on 03468282737.

  3. Fawad Hussain says:

    It is good to see prices of DHA City going up, it will help investors in gaining profit from investment and also help people buy plots at affordable prices as compared to prices in DHA phases at Karachi city

  4. khurram says:

    300 yards residential plot for sale in sector 6D on money demand full and final 20 LAC

    CONTACT: 03332214701

  5. Arif says:

    I want to know market value of 200 Square Yard Residential in Sector 13B

  6. hussain says:

    Dear Ali/ Shafi Jakvani

    I m seeking cbd 200 yards commercial , today i came accross offer for 75 Lakh Own.

    Is it worth that high ? pls advice

    Kind Regards

  7. Imran says:

    Please sell immediately as you won’t get the same offer after wards.

  8. malik says:

    really….CBD jumped 6 million in 45 days…yet not settled there as no real seller people just get offers and then hold on… its gonna cross 10 million to really make impossible for small investors to hold on…..after that its no ordinary man game…minimum 200 yard commercial in any area of dha newest phases is at least ten times…..the small investors will give in to 10 million attraction just wait and see 15 days.

  9. ALI says:


    200 sq yards “J” catgore residential plot for sale in sector 6D on money demand 22 lac.


  10. ALI NAQI says:


  11. MUHAMMAD IRFAN says:

    i want to sell my 200 yards civilian catagory plot urgently …….. any body have good offer????/

  12. MUHAMMAD IRFAN says:

    contact 0 33 25 25 25 86
    0 31 25 25 25 86
    Any body having good offer
    needs to sell urgently

  13. Zaffar says:

    I want to know the value of 200 yards commercial plot in sector 16 C5

  14. Farhan says:

    Need to know current price of 500yds Sec 6C(RED ZONE) J category..??

  15. Muhammad Latif says:

    Can anybody quote me the prices of 200 yards staff category plot in sector 11E and 300 yards civilian installments paid till june 13 in sector 2 A.

  16. Junaid says:

    I Have an Offer of a res.300 sq./yd.Plot Of K Cat.In 4B With Final on Demand of 30 Lac.Should I Take It?Please Advice.

  17. Said Malook says:

    Need to know current price of 500yds Sec 2D(RED ZONE) Civilion category..??

  18. Hamza Bin Tila says:

    Need to know the current price of plot 221 , sector 5 c, 500 square yards Cat J. All installments paid till Dec 2013.

  19. farzana says:

    Can anybody quote me the prices of 500 yards civilian plot in sector 14c and 500 yards civilian in seector 9b installments paid till june 13.

  20. Haq Naqaz says:

    I Want to konw the current own 200 yd Res in sec-13B

  21. Haq Naqaz says:

    I Want to konw the current own 200 yd Res in sec-13B Cat-J

  22. malik says:

    31st August is the deadline for one-off on surcharge , so file holders are hoping to get a deal to get “on” without having to pay surcharge, so there are more sellers keeping a selling pressure on market..its heard that such massive is surcharge files that DHA will hopefuly extend the deadline for payment of surcharge…:):):)
    So all sellers hope to hear good news and there will be more price for settled files,
    (EVEN otherwise when all files will be settled as its being done now when file holders are forced to sell to avoid surcharge )there will be very less sellers and will create monopoly for file holders then…I assume a steep rise in file rates after 31st august particularly in first week …lets see what DHA will do.

  23. fawad says:

    Please tell me ON money for 500 yards plot A category (Army Allotment) in sector 9D yellow zone,

  24. Anon1 says:

    I am looking to sell a residential 300 square yard plot in sector 2C. Can someone give me an idea of the market value for this plot ?

    Can i expect this value to increase significantly in the next 6 months to a year ?


  25. m.shabbiruddin says:

    i need 300 or 500 sqr.yds plot in yellow zone in dha city karachi my contact no is 03218750949

  26. Nadeem says:

    What is the ON on 200 Sq Yd. commercial plot in sector 4 D, Civilian Category, DHA City

  27. Ali Mirza says:

    Need to know current ON of 500 yard Cat B plot in 12-B and 14-C.

  28. ali says:

    i want to know the price of 14 B 300 yards.

  29. Ahmed says:

    500 sq yd, Residential, Cat-J, Sector 10-B, DHA City Karachi, plot for sale, demand ‘ON Price’is 35 Lac only, and 7.5 Lac already paid, please contact at 0322-2729880

  30. Qazi zia says:

    i m ving 500 sq yard Resd in 7D sector,,, any one intrested plz ,,,,

  31. syed imran says:

    i want to sell ammediately my 500 sq yd, Residential, Cat-J please inform me latest price


  32. syed imran says:

    please infoem me current ON of 500 yard Cat J plot in 14-C.

  33. Najeeb Khan says:

    What is the current ON amount of 500 sq. yds. (Civilian Category) plot in sector 12D?

  34. sarwar says:

    AOA.. i have my 500Sqyrd Res plot in 13D.catecory civilian.. what should be market price now.

    • Aamir says:

      Hi Sarwar,

      Normally 500 sq yards plots are very slow and only those will be interested who want to keep it for long term. Rest 13-D comes in green zone which is long term developement and third in catergory. Please advice what is your asking price aamir_hamza8@hotmail.com

  35. Layla Siddiqui says:

    I just came across this site and would like to understand if these listed On amounts are actually being offered. I don’t live in pak and don’t know any agencies, so any guidance would be appreciated. Could someone tell me what I can get for my plot. I believe its in Sector 7 (C). The plot size 1000sq. yrds


  36. Ali says:

    I want to sell 1 civilian plot of 1000 Square yards in Sector ‘5D’ and another Army Plot of 500 square yards (25000/6 month) in Sector ‘3B’. Both in Red Zone. Demand for 1000 yards is 6.5 million and Demand for 500 army category is 5 million. Please contact Ali 03332010297 (Only genuine and serious buyers).

  37. Hamza Bin Tila says:

    It seems we have overwhelmed the Site owners 🙂 They have stopped responding 🙂

  38. HAROON says:

    please indicate ON AMOUNT
    1) 500 sq yds -resedential – cat k – sector 13D
    2) 200 sq yds -commercial – cat k – sector 3B


  39. mudassir says:

    500 Yds civilian plot in sector 4E, up to date looking to sell. Please let me have your offer and contact details

  40. Salman says:

    Cat J 300 sq / yard (res) sector 2B AND Cat J 200 sq / yard (res) sector 6D want to sell?
    any good offer will be appreciated?
    Please leave your offer and contact details to proceed further thanks!

  41. faheem says:

    Kindly tell me the ON on 300 J Residency 4A
    installments paid till June 13

  42. Suhail says:

    Have a Plot in Sector 5A , J-Cat , what is ON ?

  43. Sadaf says:

    I have 500 sqyds, residential plot in category I in sector 6B.
    I want to know what is its value now?

  44. farhan rizvi says:

    I need to sell my 200 sq yard plot in J category in sector 9C, installment have been paid up to date. Need to know the current value????

  45. Imran says:

    Please upload the prices for September, 2013.

  46. salman says:

    what would be the ON amount on 3oo yds plot in sector 4B, installments paid till Dec. 12

  47. Ali says:

    Could someone quote me the price of a J Res 1000 yds civilian residential plot number 4D yellow zone. Whats the on money as I would be interested to trade it.

  48. Asif says:

    I have 500 yard in 12 B green zone,,, Staff file, would like to sell what would be the on money I can get payment made till june 2013

  49. Nafis Ahmed says:

    I have category J, 3 residential 300 yard plots. Could you let me know teh values for each. Plot #s are 2B, 2C & 6D,

  50. mohsin says:

    What is the price of plot 500 yards in sector 12 B Army cat

  51. Ahmed says:

    can we see any detail map of DCK showing blocks and plot numbers etc any where

  52. Imran says:

    I have plot 500sq yard category K sector 7D in DHA city. What is own value?

  53. Waqar Ahmed says:


    Need to know the value of 300yds residential plot in Sector 2-C.

    Thanks and regards,

    Waqar Ahmed

  54. shahid says:


  55. Imran says:

    Hello Administration,
    Hopefully you people would be fine. We are waiting for the updated prices, please.

  56. Muhammad Wasim says:

    @Ahmed , DHA is going to release deailed map in a month or two , thats why market DHA plots ON money is increasing .

  57. Muhammad Wasim says:

    As per my opinion ,

    200Yards will cross 30 Lac
    300Yards will cross 40Lac
    500 Yards will cross 65Lac
    ON Money for civilian files in next 15 days.

  58. shafiq ur rehman says:

    AoA, I need to find out that how much I will be getting an ON amount of my Residential plot of 200 sq.yds. in sector 6D at the moment.

    Prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    • Abdul Naseer Yousuf zai says:

      AoA,Mr Shafiq ur rahman. Iam Abdul Naseer Yousuf zai.From Asma Associats Dha Karachi.pls Geve me currant prise of 200 sqyard Residential Plots. Urgent.Thaks

  59. Kainat says:

    I agree with Mr. Wasim. Maybe the price increase will not come so soon. But prospects for DHA City Khi are indeed very good. Very soon, Karachi-Hyderabad motorway will be completed. The real breather will come when practical work is commenced on the Malir Expressway as this Expressway will remarkably reduce travelling time from DCK to the heart of the city, inshallah.

  60. Ahmed says:

    Apart from property prices, DHA City project is one of its own kind in Pakistan. The closest to them in Town Planing is Bahria Town but their presence in Karachi is non-existing atleat on mega scale. DHA City is unique in terms of town planning and the perspective civic amenities like street cars etc. As the developement phase would be drawing close in not-so-far future, people are going to witness a phenominal surge in the DCK property prices due to its unique and ultra modren outlook. So guys! Hang on. Future seems quite bright…

  61. Adil Kamdar says:

    What is CBD

  62. Asif says:

    Hi i have to plots at sector 13B and 13C …..i want to sell can any one tell me what is the demand ?


    Best Regards…..

  63. Asif says:

    Hello everyone I have 2 Plots….. Sector 13B and 13C …..please tell me what is the demand for sell….

    Installment paid untill September 2013.


  64. Faheem says:

    I want to know the current price of 500 sq.yd plot in 14C (Army Category)

  65. Rana khalid mahmood says:

    can any kind man help me to diffirenciate the categori of civillin and what what is plot referance no please give some examples.


  66. salman says:

    Aoa,i want to sell my 200 yd plot sec J. contect:03213640600.

  67. Ahmed Mallah says:


    Need to know the value of 300yds residential plot in Sector 2-A (300 Sq yards)

    Thanks and regards,

    Ahmed Mallah

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