DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – August 2015

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - August 2015


As we are in the middle of 3rd quarter of 2015, market showed bullish trend consecutively in last two quarters, the price trend vary in different sizes and categories. Like 500 yards plot touched almost same price, which already touched in September 2013, and even crossed those prices too. 300 yards also touched same price level, 1000 and 2000 yards plot are very few in trade but price increased almost at same percentage, but the smallest size plot of 200 yards doesn’t increased in terms of price and still at lower side, almost at the same level where market touched its bottom or little higher than that.

Transaction wise the maximum transaction occurs in the smallest plots, 200 yards plot is the best seller. As maximum number of transaction witnessed in 200 yards plot but price wise it couldn’t give good returns. The reason of this might that there is one more category going to be introduced in DHA City Karachi i.e. 125 Square Yards Residential Plot, these plot will allotted to lower rank army staff and will be available in the market to sell. This will not be in huge quantity, but it is another option for low budget investors.

Besides this, commercial plot prices are increased incredibly and almost prices are double than previous high. This is amazing, because when market went down and prices were down by 40%, both were at same residential and commercial; and even it was very difficult to sell commercial plots compare to residential, but this time commercial plot prices made new high and prices touched double prices compare to previous highest prices. But at the same time very interestingly the number of transaction in commercial plots are very slow, and very few transactions noticed in commercial category.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

There are many reasons behind this bullish trend in DCK, one of them is very slow market in Bahria Town Karachi, and still continuously market coming down, the other reason is Ramazan Kareem. There are many overseas Pakistanis visit their home town for vacation and want to invest their saving in Real Estate sector, because of them there is buying in the market and price become higher.

Further DHA Development work also has good pace, as before Ramazan they arranged the visit for Real Estate brokers and showed their development work, this time many Realtors participated in this visit. Recently, we shared the DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Progress Update, which shows very good development work in different sectors, and also they constructed the main CBD Road till end.

There are also expected launching of Villas, Farm Houses and a Golf Resort in DCK which will create more hike in the market and people are waiting for that since long and it looks like that the available quantity of these products will not too much and because of this less quantity these thing will be in high demand.

One more factor is increasing prices in Main DHA Karachi. Prices increased 25% (within last 6/8 months) in Phase-VIII and the positive point is that the prices are also increased in Developed phases, which shows the real buying in the market and not only speculation. Although there are speculation factor is intact there, but with this many genuine buyers also bought many plots in DHA Karachi.

DHA has very good reputation and credibility in the market and people feel secure to invest their hard earn money, as compare to other private developers schemes, and ready to buy at high price in DHA City Karachi.

Further the Returns on Main DHA Karachi plots investment are amazing and produced 400% to 800% ROI within last 5 years. (2010 to 2015). This was the best time of investment in Real Estate particularly in DHA Phase VIII Karachi. Besides this other areas of Karachi also had bullish trend and followed the same trend in this time frame.

With all these increasing numbers, which already produced very good returns and proved best ROI in Real Estate Sector in last three decades, overall sentiments are very positive and people are very excited to invest in it.

One more factor is decreasing discount rates, which is also encouraging investment in Real Estate Sector. There are many other difficulties to doing business and people are happy to stay away from doing any business activity and prefer to make investment. Although normally in Mr. Nawaz Sharif Government, people interest in business activities increased but this time this strategy didn’t worked out due to many business related problems.

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Total Price of Plot (August 2015):

Total Price for Residential and Commercial Plots in DCK for the month of August 2015 are as follows:

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - August 2015 Price

Note: The above mention plot prices are total accumulated prices and as DCK plots are sold on installment basis, so the remaining installment will be deducted from the full price at the time of full payment. Remaining installment could vary in different categories of plot and also could vary on individual client basis, some paid up to date and some paid less installments. This price means the total plot cost after making the full payment including all the remaining installments.

Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price

Price range varies according to Sectors and Sub-sectors. Map issued sectors will also follow the particular Location, Corner/Non-Corner, Small/Big Roads, Park Facing etc.


Market is very sound at this stage and the tempo is very positive. As usual when market come at highest price level no one want to sell and everyone wants to buy. Because of this buying sentiments prices are increasing day by day, and still look more potential in the market.

Because of this positive sentiments everyone look very positive and in buying mood, but we should consider previous moves also and remember this thing that market already completed almost 5 years of positive cycle and it might enter in the other phase of market cycle which will be negative trend (Decade Cycle Theory). In last three decades Market follow this practice to 4 to 5 years of bullish trend and after touching the highest point it came down and stand still for 4 to 5 years. This is already witnessed many times.

As per my previous forecasts (2012/2013), I mentioned this thing that market will touch its peak prices in the year 2015, and after completing this cycle, market will change its pace, although this is technical study of Real Estate Market (Decade Cycle Theory) it might follow this time too. Very interestingly to support this technical move there are many fundamentals created at the time, and it is done in this way.

Recently in Budget 2015/16 they imposed the holding tax (0.6%) on all banking transactions (For Non-Filers) which creates many difficulties not only in real estate deal but all other business activities as well. Traders faced many difficulties to make the payments. As this tax was already there on cash transaction at the rate of (0.3 and 0.5 %) for Filer and Non-Filer, and before that few years back it was imposed on Pay-Orders too, it started from 1% and reach till 3%. After that it was removed.

Now this time it is introduced on all banking transactions, either Cash/Pay-orders/Cheques or even online transaction. It created real difficulty. Because of many transaction hanged for many days. People try to find out the way but not successful yet. Many business communities not accept this and recently made strikes calls too. Though Government reduced it from 0.6% to 0.3% because of this reaction of business community, but still not decided to remove permanently.

Now at this stage many things in mind and it look difficult to forecast exactly what will be happen. Market is at highest price level and either it goes further on higher side or could not sustain this price level? It will take some time to make things clear and have to follow the market and wait till things clear 100%.

DCK has potential for investors and will produce good returns over coming years as DHA City Karachi as it is first ever Planned Green, Sustainable and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand & supply and price can be changed either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Zia Mohammed says:

    I want to sell out my plot 200 yeard in DHA Karachi, that is in red zone can you tell me your offet or market value now a days pl.

  2. Inamullah khan says:

    Sir, what is max value of 500 sq yd plot in Sector 14-C?

  3. Mohammad says:

    Dear Zia Mohammed,

    What is your demand. Kindly let me know.



  4. Syed says:

    i have plot in Sector 4C (300 yards)
    can i know how much own i can get ?



  5. Habib Awan says:

    What’s price of 500yds plot in sector 2 D
    Army category

  6. Doctor Khalid maqbool says:

    Sir what is the own money on sector 10D
    500 yards civilian catagory as I am living abroad and don’t have source to know the exact value
    Doctor Khalid

  7. Aamir says:

    What is 500 yds residential plot price on Sec 7C

  8. Rameez arain says:

    What is the value of 300 plot in sec 4b

  9. Waqar says:

    I wanna sell my Army A cat 500 sq yds plot. My demand including On money and all installments is 56 lacs. Plot is in sec 11 A. Can be contacted on cell #0333 3028654

  10. Zia Khan says:

    I want to sell my plot 500 RES in sector 10-D, what is the market price for this?

  11. imtiaz ahmad says:

    What is price for 500 sq yd plot in sector C-10?

  12. Naved Zafar says:

    Why don’t you provide similar analysis of Bahria Town Karachi? Naved Zafar

  13. Ahmed says:

    From where one can get the sector wise plot price, is there any website available?

  14. Habib Awan says:

    what is price of 500 yds in sector 2 D of army category

  15. Ishtiaq says:

    What could be price of 500 Sq Yds Residential Plot No 67, Sector 3 Sub Sec B.

  16. dr Rauf says:

    please tell prospects of sector 16. Thanks

  17. Fahad says:

    I am planning to sell my 300 sq yd plot in sector 2A… May I know the current value

  18. Faisal Mahmood says:

    I have a residential plot of 200SQY in Category J and the installments are paid up to December 2015. If I would like to sell out this plot, please let me know what is the current value that I can get for this piece of land?

    Faisal Mahmood
    +974 3387 5492

  19. m khan says:

    What is 500 yds residential plot price on Sec 7C

  20. saad says:

    I have a plot in sector 5C 500 yards civilian. Can you let me know the price.



  21. MUHAMMAD adeel khokhar says:

    i have a army alloted res plot 500 sq sector 7D can u tell me the latest price of this sector plots thanks feel free contact at my email adeelkhokhar29@gmail.com

  22. Farhan Mustafa says:

    Plz let me know what is the current price of my 500 sq yard plot in sector 6 A

  23. Amir says:

    Pls let me know current price of J category civilian plot in sector 6A, Sector 7A and Sector 10 A all are 500 sq yds plot.

  24. abdul qadir says:

    I have plot in 4D for sale. Demand 74 lacs.
    Abdul qadir wasif associates. 0336 2800559.
    any one intersted contect me.

  25. salman says:


    I have a 300 sq yard residential plot in sector 2C.

    Can anyone tell me how much it will sell for?


    • abdul qadir says:

      Salman bhai 40 is my offer for 2 c.

      • ghulam rasool says:

        I am interested to sale my plot 200 sqr yard in DHACITY phase 6D plot no. 2849
        So far I have already paid 23 installments upto September 2015

        At present I am abroad and want to know how much I can get in total including the insallments paid.


    • Abdul Basit says:

      اسٓلام و عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهُ
      if its civil cat around 32 and Army cat around 40 u may contact if interested to sell abganatra@gmail.com or 050-3003738 UAE.

  26. Maqbool Ahmed says:

    What is current price 200 Yrd Cat-J Sec-13B

  27. Khan says:

    Please let me know how much a Res / 200 sq. yds plot in Sector 13B worth. Thanks

  28. Shakeel Khan says:

    I want to sell my J residence plot
    send me good offer @


  29. Shakeel Khan says:

    11 E

  30. Behzad Sheikh says:

    Can someone tell me about 17 sector is it genuine sector as 500 yards files are offered in the market and even buying and selling going on in DHA but WHY NOT DHA show in the map for satisfaction at buyer end

  31. Kashif says:

    What is the going own on 13D, 500 yds plot.


  32. noor khan says:

    i have plto 500 yards located in sector 12 d want to know the on amount if anyone may let me know

  33. Saad says:

    I need to sell 500 sq yards plot in sector 5 c. (Civilian) category. Please let me know the price.

  34. Mahmood says:

    i have a 500 yards (installment plot k-category) located in sector 6b, want to sell out. Any want interested please let me know about the OFFER Money

  35. Mahmood says:

    i have a 500 yards (installment plot k-category) located in sector 6b, want to sell out. Anyone who is interested please let me know about the OFFER Money

  36. Khalid says:

    Aoa, can you please give me the details about DHA oasis. Its price location etc.

  37. Sajjad Khan says:

    I would like to know how much can I get for below mentioned plot in DCK:
    Plot size: 500 sq yds
    Sector 10-B
    Category: J (Residential)
    Please mention ON MONEY only (excluding paid installments)

  38. ibrar says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yds plot in sector 12B, red zone, army category. My demand is 60 lac ON money, any body interested, pls let me know

  39. mohammad mobin says:

    I want to sell my 500sq yds sector 11B installment are paid upto date. army category. any one know the market rate.

  40. Farooq Khalid says:

    Can some one tell me own money for 200 square yard plot in sector 11 E.

  41. Salman Akhtar says:

    i have a plot of 500 sq yards in sector 6B. i m thinking abt selling it kindly let me know the price these days

  42. Faisal Mahmood says:

    I have a 200SQY residential plot in DHA City Karachi and paid the installments up to Dec 2015. Can someone please let me know what amount can i get for this plot?


    Faisal Mahmood
    +974 33875492 (Mobile)

  43. agha says:


    I have 200 yard plot in 9c, could some body tell me the market price. I am interested to sell it.
    Please contact at amshoeb1@yahoo.com


  44. Khan says:

    ASA everyone,

    Can please someone summarize prices for plots with respect to Sectors, from most expensive to least expensive (final price seller will get after including/deducting all factors like ON, remaining amount payable etc.). This will avoid so many queries and will give an insight on every sector worth. Thanks.

  45. Syed Nomanuddin says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have plot 200sq yards in Sector 13A, Plot no. is 231. Please tell me the worth of own plus installments if I would sell it. I live in abroad and I have plan to visit karachi in cmomming Eid.

    Syed Nomanuddin

  46. naveed says:

    i have a plot 200 yds commercial in sector 13 A, corner , red zone , category k-com benefited all installment paid
    please let me know the market prize

  47. ameer says:

    200sq yard residential sector 6D. let me know the price?

  48. Yaqoob says:

    Please advise what is a minimum price of 200sq yrds commercial plot.

  49. Zia Khan says:

    I want to sell 300 sq yards plot in Sec 13 F (Plot No 289)Civ Cat. Installments paid upto June 2015. Best offer?

  50. asif says:

    sector 4a, 300 yards civilian, yellow zone.

    any offers above 40 own please?

  51. khalid Satori says:

    joh abhiiii sale kar day gaaahhh khush rahay gaaahhh,,, warna kuch nahinooo baaaddd buyer doondtha reh jayeee gaaahhh… i can bet, prices will come down by 30% in next 6 months…. so sell it now and buy it again after 6 month… it will be your return. baqiiii aaap sub log khud akal mand hoooo

  52. Ahmed says:

    What is the price of a 500 yards plot in 9-D DHA City Karachi? Can anyone advise me?

  53. Abdullah says:

    300 Sq Yd Residence Plot Category-J (Civilian) in Sec-13A (Red Zone)want to sale on above own 34 Lacs.
    Contact # 0322-8572968

  54. sarwar says:

    want to sell 500 Sq yd plot in sector 13 D J category. any good offer?

  55. ExPat Qatar says:

    Two Thousand yards, civilian category, residential plot in sector 11 of DCK…..Fully paid installments in advance……Best offer?

  56. abdul qadir says:

    I hve a plot in dha city phase 9 14b 300 yards any one interested contect me. Abdul qadir 03362800559

  57. Abdullah. says:


    I have a plot size 500 sq yards in cat: J at sector 2D. I’m willing to sell it pls give your offers as per market value.


  58. Asad says:

    I want to sell cbd 200 civilian. What’s the price.

  59. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    I want to seal my 200sq ploy in DHA City sector 9C all instalment paid, pleae give best offer.


  60. Z. Imtiaz says:

    AOA, I have a commercial plot 200 yds in sector 11B C4. Please let me know its current on, thank you.

  61. Z. Imtiaz says:

    AOA, I have a commercial plot 200 yds in sector 11B C4. Please let me know its current on, thank you.

  62. Z. Imtiaz says:

    AOA, I have a commercial plot 200 yds in sector 11B C4. Please let me know its current on, thank you.

  63. Jara says:

    Hi What is price for a 200 comm plot in sector 2 yellow zone

  64. Mahmood says:

    AOA, I have a commercial plot 200 yds in sector 6D C3-5. Please let me know its current ON? If anyone is interested then please give me offer

  65. ahmed says:

    I want to sale my 500 sq yds plot (retd army) in sector 7D. anyone interested pl contact me 03215029374

  66. Waqar says:

    500 Cat A sec 11A . Any good offer. Have to sale it early

  67. Big A says:

    Selling a 500 Sq. Yds. in 7-A (red zone) civilian category. Plot is west open and my demand is 75 lacs on money. I have paid 11 lacs in installments so total is 86 lacs. Direct buyers please contact me on 0340 8889128.

  68. Aqeel Malik says:

    I need to sell my 500 sq yds res plot cat A (Army) sector 7 B , plot no 52 DCK, red Zone .
    Genuine Buyers may contact with valid offers 0331 55096

  69. wajid says:

    May i know the prices of 200 sq yards as i have a plot in 6D and i have paid all the installments till date. its in the civilian cat:
    Looking forward for a good offer

  70. Abdul says:

    civil 500 12b & 11b, red n yellow zones 55 & 45 respectively f sell
    what’s ap 00923032461777

  71. naveed says:

    CONTACT # 0300-2241532

  72. Jd says:

    Hi. I have a plot , Sector 6A, 500 sq yards (Army). Want to sell on good offer. Contact num 0321-5371664. Text me before calling.

  73. Syed says:

    I want to sell my residential Plot#204 Sector 5B (500 Yards – Civil). Please make your offers and I will sell it to the highest offer made until Sep 30th.
    Best regards


  74. Shahid says:

    Sir I want sell my residential 500 sq yd plot in 15A sector. This is defence out of paid Cat-H plot Rs 25000/- quarterly installment all paid. Can you tell me latest price so that I can sell in good price.

  75. Peer says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,
    i want to sell my residential plot 500 sq yds in sector 6B, catagory A. my demand is 60 lakhs own.contact no is 03369165437. genuine buyers may contact me.

    • abdul qadir says:

      Wana sell 6b civil 500 yards dha city. Karachi.
      Abdul qadir wasif associates any one interested contect me 03362800559

  76. Ali says:

    I want to sell my residential Plot#204 Sector 5B Civil Category 500 yards(In RED ZONE and park facing).
    All Payments up to date and paid through Dec 2015.

    Please make your offers by texting me on 971552003378.

    Best regards,

  77. malik abdul ghafoor says:

    sir I have 200 Sq yards plot in block 13 c and paid all installments how much is own and others please

  78. Riz says:


    I wanna sale my 200 yards plot in sector 3B. Please send your offers alongwith the contact numbers to tabs.ksa@gmail.com.


  79. Zahid says:

    I want to sell army cat. 500 yds. 11-D. Please send me offer at zahidalam2012@gmail.com

  80. Abdullah says:

    Assalam O Alaikum
    I have 500 yard army category plot in sector 6B. whats the ON money

  81. Salman Arif says:

    Plz tell me total price of 500 sq yards sector 12C.

  82. Aamer says:

    May I know own money on my 500 yards category B plots in sectors 12-B and 14-C.
    Not a fake seller. As an owner just want to know the market price.

  83. Malik Nisar says:

    I am looking for 200 Yards i pay cash 20 lack Rs please let me know if some like to sale .

  84. Amir Ahmed says:

    Abdul Qadir…Whats the ON money for 1000 sq yd plot in 8-A DHA City…

    • abdul qadir says:

      Sir 80 own for 8a 1000 sq sir . Abdul qadir wasif associates. 03362800559

      • Syed Zaman says:

        Mr. Abdul Qadir,
        What is the own money on 1000sq.yds corner plot in 6c. corner, just opp comm area of 6c and just at after 1 lane (plots) to the main boulevard of the sector 6 and central comm area of sector 6. Thank you

  85. Big A says:

    I want to purchase a 200 Sq. Yds. fully paid plot in sector 4 or 6. Sellers can text me their demand with plot details on 0340 8889128

  86. A khan says:

    I want to sell out my plot 200 yard in DHA city Karachi, i think its in yellow zone. sector 11.

    what is ON Money for this?


  87. Khawar Ayub says:

    I want to sell my residential 500 sq yds Plot No.850 in sector 4D, Catagory B (Retd Army Officers, Total 10 lacs payment, Rs. 25000 quarterly till 20120). My demand is 63 lakhs own. Genuine buyers may contact please. Contact no is 03224672507.

  88. Rashad says:

    I want to sell my res plot 200 SQ YDs in Sector 13A (Plot No 257) Cat B My contact number is 03215503830

  89. Javed ahmed says:

    Plot in 13f sector 300yrd want to sale
    Offer please

  90. amir says:

    I have a plot , Sector 6A, 500 sq yards (Army). Want to sell on good offer. please tell the offer through text on 03338172184

  91. Lt Col Khawar Ayub (R) says:

    Please post Oct 2015 prices immediately.

    You are still showing August prices. What is the reason?

  92. Ishtiaque says:

    I want buy plot in DHA my limit is 20lec please suggest me.

  93. Mohammad says:

    For sale commercial plot in DHA city karachi phase 9,
    send your offer by mail.
    Plot size # 200 Sq yards, corner plot.
    sector: 5C5

  94. shahryar says:

    Need 300 civilian plot in red/yellow zone down sectors.

  95. shahryar says:

    Need 300 civilian plot in red/yellow zone any sectors

  96. marium col. says:

    i need 200 yards [r] plot 10 to 20 year installment

  97. marium col. says:

    i need 200 yard plot for 10 to 20 installment

  98. Salman Akhtar says:

    I have a 500 sq yards plot in sector 6B civilian. All the installments are up to date. kindly tell me the current value of the plot. kindly mention the own separately.

    Salman Akhtar.

  99. pervez says:


  100. Ahmed says:

    Can anyone explain as to why the demands have gone up rapidly in DHA City?

  101. Abdul Basit says:

    sector 11C, 500 sq.yds, civil, for sell
    need good offer, direct buyer preferred
    00971503003738 what’s app or sms

  102. khalid says:

    Dear AOA
    Pls tell what is value of 200 Sq in j category sec 6d. I want to sell.

  103. Asad Alam says:

    I want to sale my plot Sector 16b Near Golf Course Yellow Zone 300 yards. Demand 50 lack ON Money. Make offer.

  104. khalid says:

    Dear AOA
    I want to sale 200 sqd plot sect 6d category j. Demand 50 lac own final.

  105. usman says:

    I want to sell 300 sqd 6-D,any good offer please?

  106. Seema says:

    Can you please tell me current price of my plots, all 500 yards residential.

    Category J sector 5A
    Category J sector 2D
    Category I sector 13D

    Also who can I contact for selling these plots.

  107. Mobeen says:

    I want to sell my 500 yards plot (civilian ) in 9A, how much OWN should I expect? I have paid all installments to date.

  108. Mehdi ALi says:

    Please send me the latest( Nov 2015) DHA city prices of 500 sq yds.


  109. Ahmed says:

    I suppose that the market has dipped once again. So please wait for a while….

  110. Afaq Khan says:


    Please quote for below listing plot;

    200 Sq. Yrds
    Sector 6D

    I am willing to sell.

    Regards, Afaq

  111. Asif says:

    Please coat latest officer of plots J-200 13-B and J-300 4-C.

  112. Asif says:

    Please coat latest offer of plots J-200 13-B and J-300 4-C.

  113. Hadi says:

    Please feel free to contact for latest price update and sale purchase in DCK +92315-2611453

  114. Ahmed says:

    Any offer for a 500 yards civil category plot in 9-D DHA City with all installments up to date paid.

  115. zeeshan says:

    i m making my mind for commercial plot, any one can help me in regarding lowest commercial plot offer in DHA city.

  116. Naveed Nawab says:

    400 YDS
    CONTACT 0300-2241532

  117. Naveed Nawab says:

    400 YDS
    CONTACT 0300-2241532

  118. Khalid says:

    What is the price of 500 Sq yard plot in sector 12D?

  119. Abdul Basit says:

    How do you see the DHA City Market Prices Trends Upwards or Downwards in December 2015 & January 2016 ! Please do give your worthy comments. Thanks

    • Lancer says:

      Does anyone having 200 yds commercial in Sector 3 and 2. Also needs residential 200/300 yds in sector 2 and 3, pl comment

    • Naweed says:

      Till ramadan DCK rose a lot reaching a bubble price .. It was quite evident that this will go down, which started around Eid ul Azha and so far prices have gone down .. Market is awaiting Bahria .. so far no significant increase in Bahria .. so likely rise in DCK but not as rapid as last year plus their livelable by 2016 claim will be put to test .. my guess an increase of 10-15% in next 3-4 months or till june maximum

  120. Babu says:

    I want to know the lump sum (no own + installment) price of my plot which is Sector 3B. I need some money urgently and if price is enough for my purpose then I’ll sell it otherwise not.

    thank you

  121. Syed Fazal Abbas says:

    Residential Plot (300 sq.yard.) is Available For Sale
    DHA City – Sector 11-E, DHA City Karachi, Karachi

    18 installments have been paid.

    Total Price Rs. 3,500,000/-

    For more information please contact Cell NO:00971-567595261 (Whats App)

  122. Abdul Majid says:

    Asalam Alikum

    I want to the price of 200 commercial in Sector 11 category C5. Please inform the value.

  123. Khalid says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yard plot at sector 12-D category J, please let me know what is the current market?

  124. Khalid says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yard plot at sector 12-D category J, please let me know what is the current market? my email is khasaleem@icloud.com

  125. Siddiqui says:

    Pls. tell me the ON Money on plots in J category Sector 13 RED Zone…200yards

  126. Mohammad says:

    where is December 2015 plot price list DHA CITY karachi…?

  127. succeed says:

    Quite merely, the top aim is just the acquirement of total (tacitly implied) consent.

  128. kamran says:

    i want to sell 200 yard residential plot in sector 6-D ….whats is the demand right now.

  129. kamran says:

    i want to sell 200 yard residential plot in sector 6-D ….whats is the market value right now.

  130. Atif says:

    Dear all,

    I need to sell my plot, plz let me know current value. Details are:

    Type/Size : J-RES/500.
    Sector : 9A

    Kindly reply ASAP.

  131. Ghazanfar Ali says:

    I want to sell my 125 yds residential plot at sector 14A contact no 03466154610

  132. Idrees says:

    Why owners are not updating this site and the current price trends??????

  133. NAVEED NAWAB says:

    CONTACT # 0300-2241532

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