DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – December 2013

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - December 2013


November 2013 was too dull even the last month’s given price further dropped down in the start of November. Till 18th of November, the market was bearish and prices were almost at the bottom. 200 Square Yards (Civilian) minimum price touched at 13 to 14 Lacs ON money.

From 19th November onwards, prices started increasing and it looked like that somebody wants to increase these prices artificially and prices were increased very rapidly. Within 12 days till 30th November prices touched for the same plot around 23 to 24 Lacs ON money. That means a 10 Lacs increase within 12 days, which is not normal at all.

On 30th November, DHA City Karachi (DCK) administration also invited Real Estate Agents of Defence and Clifton for a site visit. People were so much positive about this event and it looked like that huge buying will take place in the market but actually it didn’t happened.

Because of this rapid move every seller increased their demand and actually not many transaction have been made. During the site visit of DCK,  no major announcement was made and it was a routine visit. Besides all these, the development work on the site is continuously going on, and again this is very positive sign. Brig (R) Rafique (Project Director) again said that there will be no Red, Yellow or Green Zones as mentioned previously. All the Sectors will be developed under the same timeline by 2020 which was already announced in the previous visit held in May 2013.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

After all this movements, at the start of December 2013 market is coming down again and in this current week market looked so dull again. Though few transactions have been made on higher price and because of this fast move many new buyers bought plots at higher price, which is not good.

This kind of artificial moves shakes the confidence of buyers and investors. Further, we all should discourage this kind of practices. As we all witnessed that in the month of September 2013 market was so volatile and price were increasing very fast because of that market crashed which already indicated in the forecast in September prices. Whenever market becomes volatile, it can’t take stand and ultimately will go down.

According to my personal analysis, when the prices touched it’s lower level it was a very good time for buying and if this artificial move was not made, market could sustain and many buyers took interest in buying. That lower price came after almost 2.5 months and prices came down to around 45 to 50% from its top price.

As it was also forecasted in last months update, the price will came down more by 5 to 10% and then it will be at buying level. In any market if the price came that much down it creates buying sentiments. But unfortunately that level could not stand and jumped promptly. So again market will be uncertain and take some more time to settle the prices again.

Because of all these factors it looks like that market will be in the wait and see strategy and may it will remain the same for a month or two. One very important factor is still the announcement of Bahria Town Karachi Location & Payment Details, which is yet to disclose.

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After witnessing the seesaw and diversion of investors from DCK to BT and from BT to DCK, It looks like that market is in the phase of wait & see.

For new investors, it will be a good time to invest when the market will come back again to the previous levels where it touched last month or a little bit higher than those levels. Besides all these the development work on the site is continuously going on, and again this is very positive sign. DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable and Green City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. mahmood says:

    good work ..keep it up….

  2. Nasir Mistry says:

    very impressive feed back, really appreciate.
    pls let us know the dha plot price category wise and send us plan, which could give us category, location, plot numbers etc.
    thanks n regards
    nasir mistry

  3. salman says:

    what about catagory H? what is the impact of sectors/ zones and what r these?
    shall b oblieged for the info.

  4. Feroz says:

    I suggest new investors should wait for the new balloting of DhaCity Karachi for remaining plots to take place in 2014 as mentioned on their website.

  5. Shahid Mustafa Ghazali says:

    Good Day Sir,
    Please let me know the actual value of my plot in ‘J’ Type, sized 500 sq yards. Be noted that located in sector ‘2D’. Awaiting your prompt reply.

    Kind Regards


  6. Zahir Khan says:

    Dear Ghazali Sb

    Please mention the Plot No. , Category and your Demand ?

    Zahir Khan

  7. Muhammad Ali says:

    J type 300 sq yards
    sector 6D
    I want to sale my plot please tell me what will be its prize

  8. Kainat says:

    Since development work under the short-term development plan is going on in full swing and work under the Immediate Development plan is near completion, it will be sheer stupidity to sell your plot in DCK at this time. At least the plot owners should wait for the detailed map of the DCK sectors. And since BT is also most likely located in the same area (Super Highway), common sense demands restraint. Let the dust settle down. I believe the horizon is much bright in the months ahead. Those looking for sharp jumps in days/weeks should stop waiting for ‘miracles’. That ‘miracle’ took four years for the current prices to materialize (2009-2013). Serious plot owners should at least give themselves (and DCK management) at least four more years to gain the fruits of the next ‘miracle’. This is just my perspective. Contrary comments are welcome.

  9. Ahmed says:

    What do you think about the magnitude of the next miracle Kainat? linear or an exponential? or a simple multiple in next four years…

  10. malik says:

    interested in buying 500 sq. y plot residential in sector 2,3,5,7.pls. make real offer.

  11. Imran says:

    Guys be it. I think BT perception is settling down, in my opinion it’s gonna get better in a couple of months. Just give DCK some time and hold on tight to ur plots.

  12. Imran says:

    I agree with Kainat, that this may not be the time to sell your plots. But what we need to conentrate is the trend being sent by Mr. Malik, who has started making money like anything. The tactics he is employing may be analysed and may fall under betting crime. He has recently announced giving a discount of Rs. 150,000 on the plots sold to those holding his Rs. 15,000 chits. This is surprising that no one from the governmental siding is rasing to the occasion to ask Mr. Malik what he is doing, as I understand this way without owning a single acre of land he must have collected more that tens of billions of rupees. Not surprising to calculate that out of these tens of billions of rupees he can buy small piece of land anywhere and then announce ballotting. Even if he would not gain any profit on the price of those few hundred / thousand plots, he has already bagged a large chunk of money based on his mind smartnesses and the criminal negligence of the governmental institutions. I request FIA and NAB authorities to rise to the occasion and not to wait for Pakistanis get robbed like a sleeping log.

  13. Syed Danish says:

    I want to sell my plot number 131 sector 13 F civilian residential 300 Sq yards

    On money demand 25 lacs. Installments are paid till September 2013 (up yo date)

    Contact me
    Syed Danish

  14. K2PAK says:

    Any serious buyer for 2000 square yards residential plot in sector 11? ON offer?

  15. faheem says:

    Sector 4-A Res. 300 Plot 273 premium(ON)35 Lacs
    contact 0335-1287071 no bargain

  16. Amir Shaikh says:

    I am interested to buy 500 Sq. Yard plot in DHA City, in Red Zone, preferably Sector 3 or 6.

    ONLY serious sellers may contact.

  17. Jamil says:

    I am interested to buy 200 or 300 sq yds plot. Anyone interested kindly leave their cell # at this forum.

  18. umar says:

    Till the time DHA City does not connect it with main city or main DHA through an express way its price will not appreciate like DHA Lahore .

  19. Tabrez says:

    I am planning to sell one 500 SQYRDS plot J category/Sector 6C – Best offer would be entertained (Please offer me in USD Only)

  20. ATHER IQBAL says:

    I have 3 plots in DHA City. J Catagory
    500 13-D Green Zone,
    1000 16-D Yellow Zone
    200 11-E Yellow Zone
    Kindly let me know the ON Money till today

    • Hussain Sufi says:

      AOA Iqbal Sahib,

      What is your demand for each of this plot. We can talk. Please send me email at hussainsufi@gmail.com or provide me your contact details.


      December 11, 2013 at 6:38 am

      I have 3 plots in DHA City. J Catagory
      500 13-D Green Zone,
      1000 16-D Yellow Zone
      200 11-E Yellow Zone
      Kindly let me know the ON Money till today

    • parvez.ajaz says:

      polt.no.930 sector 11e size|200 my required..35lacs

  21. Kainat says:

    @Ahmed: I dont think anyone can correctly predict the magnitude of expected change in price of DCK in the years ahead. One thing is sure though; as long as there is ‘value-addition’ on-ground, prices are bound to witness an increase in the medium-to-long term. And since work on-the-ground is going on in DCK at a fairly good pace, this ‘value-addition’ is/will definitely adding value to our plot-prices as well inshallah.

    @Imran: Cannot agree with you more. Malik Riaz is a shrewd guy. He is making so much money out of thin air. Gullible people will be the ultimate losers.

    @Umar: I am of the view that comparison of DHA City Lahore with DCK should be made with caution. DHA City Lahore’s land’s location is yet to be announced, whereas DCK’s land is for all to see. And DHA EME sector is a roaring success, although it is not connected/adjacent to other DHA sectors in Lahore. waisey I agree with you that DCK’s real ‘exponential’ jump in price will be realized only when Malir Expressway is built. But even without it, DCK will inshallah witness substantial increase in prices because of the modern, gated-community features of the DCK. Here I would like to give example of Bahria Town Lahore. Although it is located quite far away from the Lahore City Centre, people prefer to live there because of the modern facilities it offers.

  22. SYED says:

    I Congratulate management of CITI for valuable information. Well done n Keep it up.


  23. Wasim says:

    I want to sell my plot in DHA CITY. 2OO SQ yrds. Civilian.In sector 6D.
    What is the price these days.

    Regards/ wasim 0312-3014408

  24. Abdullah says:

    Offering 500 yds,Sector 6-A (Red), J Cat. All dues paid. Demand 44 lacs Own. Contact 0332 2103507.

  25. Imran says:

    Ms. Kainat, Well more has been said than done. You would not find Mr. Malik sitting on computer and commenting like we do. He does what helps him and what we do neither helps us nor the others. I do not agree with your analysis, as value addition in plots is not merely connecting places or building to the road infrastructure, rather it is the acheivement of the end products. In case of plots, the end product is the constructed building, which once built will terminate the romance of the speculative underhand dealing (file dealing). For that in DHA City to take place, I understand we need to wait not only for next couple of month but till 2020, when officially the plots of DHA City will be handed over to the owners after compeltion of the payment plans.
    So far Bahria Town has kepts its clients intact, but what we need to concentrate is the continuity in the same standard in next couple of years, especially after 2015 when DHA City will announce tens of thousands of plots again and after once Mr. Malik gets himself aloof from the Bahria Town business. You remember breaking a news a couple of months ago that DHA City administration had offered plots to all gazetted officers in Sind Government, but so far no official confirmation is there. It was all speculation, for which you also remained part of.
    You have again wrongly tried to co-relate Bahria Town Lahore with DHA City by saying that BT Lahore is located away from the city. Perhapse you have not seen Lahore, now BT is in the middle with population / businesses florishing all around, wehreas in case of DHA City so far we do not have anything tangible on the sides, whether we talk about Karachi or Hyderabad side.
    Finally, I think Mr. Malik factor is going to support DHA City also, as in Punjab and especially in Rawalpindi / Islamabad we see a nexus built between DHA and Malik Riaz. Secondly Malik Riaz will not be offering more than a couple of thousand / if not hundred, plots in the close vacinity of DHA City Karachi, if at all he launches his plot project, whereas the DHA city already has tens of thousands of plots laid down which will further increase in years to come. I see another full fledged DHA sectors being planned in the years to come with a Satellite Town Karachi flourishing close to DHA City area in next decade or so. And mind it that 2025 will not pass unless we see DHA City Karachi having its own Railway Station, which might be the final destination of bullet trains coming from Punjab.

  26. Imran says:

    Lolz @ bullet train from Punjab 🙂

  27. faheem says:

    Sector 4-A Res. 300 Plot 273 premium(ON)29 Lacs
    contact 0335-1287071

  28. anwar says:

    salam. sir, is there any provision of plots reserved for the gazetted officers of sindh government in DHA CITY karachi…?

  29. Imran says:

    Mr. Anwar, Regarding your querry, please contact Ms. Kainat as she was the one who broke that new a couple of months back.

  30. Kainat says:

    The news regarding plots being offered to officers of Sindh govt. in DCK is correct. Officers have even deposited (subsidized) membership fee in this regard. My sources have told that there is some problem of ‘jiyalas’ being/not being accomodated in the list of officers!Also, an ‘offer’ for plots is not the same as files having actually been given to the officers. That will probably take some more time.And why should DCK management or Sindh govt. make all this public? They have every reason not to do so!

    As regards Bahria Town, Lahore, my contention is that when Bahria Town was being established, it was considered far away from the city centre. Now thats not the case because 1) Lahore has expanded a lot with many new housing societies having emerged in between Thoker Niaz Beg and Bahria Town, and 2)the modern facilities in Bahria Town Lahore. I remember having visited Bahria Town Lahore about a decade ago (frankly, I dont remember the exact year) when visiting relatives in Lahore. At that time, Bahria Town Lahore management arranged a Basant gala to ‘attract’ potential buyers in the project as people were wary of buying plots ‘so far away’ at that time!My belief is that DCK is passing through more or less similar phase now.

    Let me also appreciate this site and the input of all of you out there. I for one, have benefitted a lot from the information/input by all of you. I personally believe most of us are not ‘speculators’; most of us are plot-owners genuinely interested in getting maximum info about DCK and are helping each other through sharing of info. Once again, thank you DHATODAY and thank you all.

  31. Imran says:

    I appreciate your feelings and admitting comments. May Allah bless you and all those having stakes in DHA City Karachi.

  32. Imran says:

    A case has been registered against the son-in-law of Malik Riaz at Faisalabad through FDA on account of trying to cheat the public by inviting registration application, on the same footing as was done by Malik Riaz in Karachi. Can this reverse the publicity of Bahria Town in Karachi? Any comments????????

  33. khalid mahmood says:

    Bahria town Karachi will be dream of fool as the situation is created and our nation has sheep gate and take peak risk to become land lord in the end of night.
    for God sake think b 4 u invest, in our country reliability level is on -ve peak then y we take risk DHA is most reliable and has fool proof system for his investors and owners.

  34. Mohammad says:

    I am interested to buy a plot in DHA City Karachi, 200 yards. Please reply with contact email, I will get in touch with you.

    • khalid mahmood says:

      Dear Mohammad…

      I have 2 plots in the DHA City karachi sector 11E for sale.

      you may please contect on said email.

      Khalid Mahmood
      e mail:khalidmahmood1039@gmail.com

  35. Muhammad Ali says:

    Hi any one could tell me the on price for 200 and 300 sq yds commercial plots in DCK. Thanks.

  36. Abdullah says:

    Assalam o alaikum

    Iam interested in selling my plot at the earliest. Size: 500 sq yards, Sector: 9D, Category: A. All installments till date paid. Serious buyers may contact.

    Allah Hafiz


  37. Imran says:

    Mr. Shafi is missing, we need to listen some analysis from his expert opinion.

  38. Imran says:

    Waiting for latest forecast mr. Shafi

  39. Syed says:


    Guys, i am interested in buying the plots on reasonable prices as per the market. if any one wants to sell in catA, J (2000 only) or commercial plots.

  40. Nafis Ahmed says:

    What does below phrase mean?
    Any body to help, appreciated.

  41. khurram says:

    dhacity sector 6d 300 yards civilian J cat plot for sale 23 lac own money final

  42. Imran says:

    Please wait for the DHA City administation to annouce and ask for participation.

  43. KHURSHEED ALAM says:

    I have one plot in sector 4-A residence j-Category 300 sq yards please right amount of to tell me.

    • atif says:

      People around here have discussed bharia town I am not sure about DCK prices but am 200% sure bharia town Karachi will bring positive change a win win situation for both projects just cross your fingers and wait. Good luck

  44. Syed Zaman says:

    I have 2 following Plots in DCK:

    Category J, 1000 Sqy Sector 7-C, it looks from the layout plan that the plot is facing to green lawn and near the entrance.

    Category J 500 Sqy Sector 9-A, it looks from the layout plan that the plot is near the Main Boulevard and next to CBD.

    Genuine Buyer, quote your offer of ON MONEY.

  45. Ahmed says:

    I wanna sale my 500 sq yds A category plot. 20 years installment plan. Plot is in sector 11B green zone. Demand for ON money is 36 Lacs. Pls contact on my e-mail akhan_a2002@yahoo.com

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