DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – February 2015

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - February 2015


In the month of January 2015, DHA continued the marketing activities for DCK through print media and they published regular advertisement in different newspaper to promote DCK and give awareness to the people. In these adds they mentioned about their upcoming projects such as DCK Golf Resort, DCK Villas, and DCK Farm Houses. DCK also plans to establish organic farms in Sector 02.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

As market was dull for last many months but first couple of months of 2015 looks positive for DCK and prices started moving up. One reason of this move is the change in development map as many sub-sectors came in early development zone and particularly prices in those sectors move sharply on upward side, plus over all theme become positive and in other sectors prices are also coming up. It doesn’t mean that prices are increased drastically, though the overall theme has become positive.

Following the prime minister’s approval of the Malir Motorway project in Karachi, DHA Karachi gave a detailed presentation few weeks back. Recently, Chairman NHA was briefed about Malir Motorway on 24 February 2015 by a team of DHA Karachi headed by Brigadier Zubair Ahmed, Administrator DHA Karachi.

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Total Price of Plot (February 2015):

Total Price for Residential and Commercial Plots in DCK for the month of February 2015 are as follows:

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - February 2015 [Price Chart]

Note: The above mention plot prices are total accumulated prices and as DCK plots are sold on installment basis, so the remaining installment will be deducted from the full price at the time of full payment. Remaining installment could vary in different categories of plot and also could vary on individual client basis, some paid up to date and some paid less installments. This price means the total plot cost after making the full payment including all the remaining installments.

Total Amount = ON Amount + Booking Price

Price range varies according to Sectors and Sub-sectors. Map issued sectors will also follow the particular Location, Corner/Non-Corner, Small/Big Roads, Park Facing etc.


DHA is focusing on DHA City Karachi, development work on the site has good pace, as commitment of DHA that it will be livable by December 2016 in Sector 3 and other RED Zone sectors will be developed by 2018, plus current marketing campaign provide more awareness and many new people are taking interest in DCK. It looks like that 2015 will be the year of DHA City Karachi.

As always mentioned that for long term investment DCK is ideal investment opportunity and by the time these figures will change and it will produce best ROI in 3 to 5 year time. DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable, Green and Smart City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – CITI Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand & supply and price can be changed either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. Asim says:

    I’m interested to buy 200 sq yard plot kindly advs me the payment schedule

  2. Hammad says:

    Aoa. What is the price of 500sq yards plot (army category) in sector 6C?

  3. fawad says:

    good to see prices going up and also ON money increasing

  4. Kashif says:

    Pl advise availability of 200 yards commercial for total price of 60 lacs and also advise 200 yards availability in sector 3 for a total cost of 36 lac…

  5. Inayah Khan says:

    I have a 500 sq yards plot in Sector 6-B.
    From the range of 500 sq yards plots above in the article ( 37 lacs to 60 lacs ).
    Roughly where will my plot be in this range ?

    And I am sick of Bahria Town Karachi. Their money fleecing nature, plot cancellation threats, abnomal systems with no installment tracking, flawed records management, poor conduct, illiterate and non cooperative staff etc. has persuaded me to get rid of Bahria Town plots that i have as I think that investment is not safe.

    Can you advice me that after selling Bahria Town Karachi plots, where in DHA City i should put money considering future prospects?
    Commercial or residential ? and in which sector ?

    Please some DHA City Expert should reply to me with details.

    Thank You


    • umair says:

      Inaya , you are right u said the same as what now i think abt bahria town .they should rename themselves as “greedy bahria town karachi ” they are sending cancellation letters to those who are punctually paying installments . This shows the eligibilty of their mangament . Pathetic . They have earned in billions now they want restoration fees for blocked files , they are blackmailing our ppl , the way they create hype in early days and force ppl to pay downpayment who have purchased so called that parchi in 2 lac . I must say this was certainly a big trap . I hope Allah will take out them from this trap

      • Rizwan says:

        1. they are sending cancellation letters to those who are punctually paying installments .

        – you can ignore that, Its not a big deal as I just read a thread here where DHA was disclosing details of plot holders to estate dealers here.

        2. They have earned in billions now they want restoration fees for blocked files

        – Ofcourse, if you wont pay installments you files must be blocked becuase they are working at rapid pace and that needs money. If one cant afford to pay he should not buy it in the first place so you cant blame BTK for that.

        3. the way they create hype in early days and force ppl to pay downpayment who have purchased so called that parchi in 2 lac

        – How BTK can force anyone to buy plots? I am unable to understand that. Its our own greedness.

  6. Muneeb says:

    I need 200 or 300 Sq yard army category plot. kindly let me the premium and remaining istalments

  7. Muneeb says:

    need 200 or 300 Sq yard army category plot. let me know the premium money and remaining istalments

    • Haji Wahid says:

      I have a commercial plot for selling I am in hurry contact 03330611836

    • ghulam shaikh says:

      Dear Mr. Muneeb,
      I have 200 yard plot in phase 6D for which I have already paid installments upto end of December 2014. The next installment is due in this month of 20,000.

      in case interested I am interested to sale for an amount of 25 lacs. It is a transferred plot recently purchased in August 2014 but now I am planing to sale due to personal financial problems.

      Please contact by email or contact 03351244227

  8. owais says:

    sir i just want to know that what is rate of 200 residential plot in 13d sector staff category 20 yrs payment schedule

  9. Raheel says:

    Can I get the payment of 100 Lac of my 1000 sq. ydz. plot in sector 4D?

  10. aftab says:

    WANT TO SELL A PLOT 500 SQUARE YARD SIZE SECTOR 15-C M/B:-03132040444(TELENOR)03332115380(ZONG)

  11. Rizwan says:

    I believe these few articles are not going to boost prices of DHA unless they do some massive ground work like BTK.

  12. ali says:

    I want to tell all plot holders for their benefits that only Government can issue the allotment letters or lease letters on . Private companies can not issue allotment letters. Transfer of land between two private parties is recorded in the books of Government. Only Authorities like MDA, CDA, KDA, LDA, DHA, can issue allotments letters. Customer must think and made clear before making any payment for land to any Private Developer….. thank for reading.

  13. ali riz says:

    please gibe me good maximum offer for
    300ydz j category plot in dha city karachi
    i want to seriously sale it ..
    available in march in karachi then ill go back abroad

  14. amir says:

    Want to sell my plot . Price for 500 sq plot sec 3A. ?????. Plz reply on choosy893@yahoo.com

  15. Iqba says:

    Any one selling commercial in green zone…..I may buy one file..email your demand..Thanks…

  16. said Malook says:

    I have a 500 sq yards plot in Sector 2-D.
    What is the current market price of my plot kindly advise.

  17. khalid says:

    I need a 300 SQ yard Plot in Army sector
    anyone intrested to sale please contcat
    Cdr Khalid

  18. Muhammad Imran Khan says:

    What is the current value of 500 square yard plot in sector 4D and 300 Square yard plot in Sector 11E

  19. Azhar says:

    What would I get if I sell my plot in Sector D of DHA City Kchi?

  20. Ansar Mahmood says:

    I want to sell my 200 sq yds Res plot Category K 20 years installment plan Sector 6-D

  21. Muneeb says:

    what is the On money. hwat is your total demand.
    how many instalments paid and how many are left.

  22. Ansar says:

    I want to sell my 200 sq yds Res plot Category K 20 years installment plan Sector 6-D, Cell: 0300-2664205

  23. nadeem says:

    i want to sell my plots , sector 11E plot # 118 200y and sector 7 A plot # 574 300y,need good offer plz contact my cell 03337104936

  24. Ali says:

    I want to sell my 500 sq yrd in 12D civilian category.
    If interested, Please quote your price and contact #.


  25. Arsal Khurshid says:

    Brother I’m interested in purchasing plot of 300 sq yards in some decent sector in view of investing money.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  26. babar says:

    i want to buy 500 sq yards residential plot in sector 3A near to C4 commercial and 3A Central Drive South. What is price in this area? Thanks

  27. Dr Muddassir says:

    How much I can get for my 500 S Yds plot in Sector 9A?

    • Freak says:

      5 billion dollars .. 🙂 poray pakistan ki plotting ho jani chaye 🙂 how much would you pay for 500 yards in balochistan?

  28. ABDUL RASHEED says:

    Month of May 2016 prices of DHA City Karachi..?

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