DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices – January 2014

DHA City Karachi (DCK) Latest Plot Prices - January 2014


December 2013 was too dull, as market is bearish and continued coming down. Not many transactions witnessed. As mention earlier that the market is in the wait and see position, and normally whenever market took this type of move, it will take some time to settle down.

Prices are almost at the same November 2013 lowest level. Though after those lower level price, market took bullish move and came up but that was only for 10-15 days and in December 2013 market moved back to the previous level.

The main reason behind this trend is that many investors who are involved in Bahria Town are waiting for ultimate climax of Bahria Town projects in Karachi. Plus, Bahria further launched two new projects in Karachi i.e. Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225. This time just the forms of these projects were traded at much higher price.

If you are looking to buy or sell plots in DHA City Karachi,
then contact CITI Associates at 0300-8299101 / 0321-8793654 or email at citiassociates.dck@gmail.com

Because of all these factors it looks like that market will be in the wait and see strategy and may it will remain the same for few months.

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After witnessing this whole movement and the diversion of investors to Bahria Town, we all know that many people believe to just follow the trend and once anything new comes up, everyone want to enter in that. Because of all these factors, people should follow the wait and see practice and don’t be in panic. Do not float the plots in the market because of panic selling market will go down further.

For new investors, this could be the good time for buying at 40% lower rates, and suitable for long term investment. Besides all these the development work on the site is continuously going on, and again this is very positive sign. DCK has very good potential because it is the first ever Planned, Sustainable and Green City of Pakistan.

These prices are provided by Mr. Muhammad Shafi Jakvani, CEO – Citi Associates. Above mention prices are subject to change any time according to their demand and supply and (ON Money) price can be change either side in the open market, depend on the volatility of the market. And there is no guarantee of any kind of price variation.

Note: Mostly files traded in the size of 200, 300 and 500 square yards. It does not mean that other categories are not available, but normally these sizes are traded and are available for sale and people are ready to buy files of these sizes. Other large plot may be allotted in balloting but not available frequently in the market.

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  1. khurram says:

    DHA CITY sector 6d civilian category “J” 300 yards demand 22 lac on money final.


  2. Ali. G says:

    Dear Mohammad Shafi Jakvani Sahab when applications for new balloting of plots would be invited by DHA for remaining plots in DHA City.

    • Dear Ali,
      There is no official news from DHA,
      These are only assumptions,
      According to my personal opinion there will not be ballotting offered for Civilians,
      It will keep for their officers,
      Besides this, the other piece of land 8000 Accers Opposit DCK, that is planing for DCK Industrial Estate may be offer in the future.
      But firmly can’t say any thing.
      Many Thanks.

  3. Nayab says:

    Last week we asked the selling price of my plot in sector 12C (500 yards) we got the reply 18lakh ON which was much lower than prices mentioned in ur report .

  4. Mohammad says:

    Since 4 months, I am read these updates saying “wait and see” situation in marketing while I wanted to purchase 200 yrds plot and prices gone up from 16 to 22 million. Too bad, I followed the reports and never purchased a plot now I don’t have additional funds to pay on-money and then DHA dues.

    • Dear Mohammad,
      Since September market is coming down continue,
      but in the month of november it was short move on upper side but market could not sustain, and again came down at almost the smae lower level where touched before,
      Now the situation is at these lower level not every seller is ready to sell, and many people asking the higher price, but normally deal strike at lower price level.
      You can buy 200 yards still at around 16.
      Many Thanks.

  5. faheem says:

    DHA plot for sale Sector 4-A 300sq ft
    demand ON (2,500,000)
    DHA going up hurry up guys

    • Kami says:

      Dear Faheem,

      DHA is not going anywhere but BT is coming.

      Keep your plot for good time.



      • saad says:

        BT is mere speculation, a bet… a parchi…. you can find the same from prize bond dealers…..

        BT is coming down fast….the files have no salvage value… the reason for people switched to BT from dha city is low price satta cant 2-3 lacs compared 2-8 million in dha file…. but there are files… plot allocated…real land…got it… it got to rebound when return from BT parchi will fizzle out.
        Hope sane minds would not burry their heads in sand

  6. M Tayyab Qureshi says:

    I want to sale my plot in sector 7d…500 sq yards
    …off catagory A…any offer plz?
    Sqn Ldr Tayyab…

  7. Shaukat says:

    After election market pushed hard by investors not real buyer, 10 million plot become 17 million, see DHA 7 and 8, 150 Yards plot figures, similarly 100 to 1000 yards plots, 40% to 50% increase, it was 2nd jump of the year, same 150 yards plots were 6 million 1 year back, it took just 1 and half month or hardly 2 month to reach this level in 2nd jump, market had crossed saturation level, balloon was too big to sustain, whenever this happens in any sort of market, next step is “Market crushes” this is what history says, I see DHA plots and bungalows both market depressed! its not good sign for investors, further decline is possible. Short term investor must sell to avoid bigger loss. Real buyer is still waiting and expecting it to come down. BT is only working as Catalyst, chemical reaction had to happen in any case !

  8. Ali says:

    Hi! As of my understanding DHACITY has dis continue the development plan of three different categories spending over 15 years and now they are aiming for developing the complete project by end 2020. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. Imran says:


    I am selling my plot. Details:

    Plot No. Sector Community Centre Type / Size
    315 2C – RES / 300

    Payment Details:

    S.No. Inst # Amount
    1 PF 5500 PKR
    2 DP 25000 PKR
    3 03 30000 PKR
    4 04 30000 PKR
    5 09 30000 PKR
    6 10 30000 PKR
    7 11 30000 PKR
    8 12 30000 PKR

    Demand : PKR 85 lacs. Please serious buyer contact me on 03422021774.

  10. Farhan says:

    Kalo bhai….please wait 3 years.

  11. Imran says:

    Kalooooooooooooooo wait nahin kar sakta. Abhi rate bataooooooo.

  12. Irfan says:

    Dear All,

    Please I want to Sale my plot please quote your bids.

    Plot Specifications.

    Size :300 Yds.
    Cat :J (Overseas Pakistanis).
    Sec :2B

    Demand : 35Lakhs

    Plot No Will be Provided Deal Disscussion.

    Extreme Good Location In The Begining Of DHA City Karachi.Please serious buyers only

  13. Zishan says:

    Please I want to Sale my plot please quote your bids.

    Size :200 Yds.
    Cat :J
    Sec :6D

    Demand : 24 lakh

  14. Kainat says:

    So the cat is out of the bag. As per newspaper ads, Bahria Town Karachi is located 9 km from Toll Plaza on Super Highway. What effect will this location have on DCK?

  15. Ali G says:

    Location on Super High Way of BT will affect DCK plot prices. Nearer gets more share.

    • ijaz says:


      I am looking for a plot size 500 yds in phase 14 or any nearby phase. If there is any genuine seller, please contact me at 03003459440. Thanks Ijaz

    • Syed Zaman says:

      Dear All,
      It seems that everbody is expressing his views without much knowledge about this game specially when it is played by and between the Professional and Practical Gamblers.
      Who is DHA and Who is BT, two big names and very high profile relations and connections. In my opinion DHA and BT will not compete each other, instead they will support each other and the prices will go up because of their master plan, developments, facilities, amenities, etc. If you have read today’s news, Sharif Govt has announced to convert the Super Highway into M9 (Motorway) what it is, it is already arranged and agreed and no doubt money is involved. Moreover howcome the city metro bus will come to BT, because the Karachi Metro Bus will be by Sindh Govt. and who is Sindh Govt. PPP. I hope you understand the connections. It is a Project of Big and it will go in big way. No doubt it will take time but believe me the return will be very good. In my opinion the BT will expand because it is smaller than DHA City in size and the response they got from the public is overwhelming.Still there is land around the BT location. The Investors will play big game and the real, genuine needy person has to pay the price, this the rule of this game. Don’t forget the current time is of Money. If You have Money you are King.

  16. Ahmed says:

    This is the kind of scenario we have already experienced at Islamabad. DHA and BT coexisting and supporting each other.Joint venturing at times. DHA has its own elegance, fine clientage and is more institutionalized. BT on the hand is popular and market oriented. DCK will develope at its own pace but the growth will be firm and long lasting. DCK may not be a marketing thing and could be quite costly once established. BT will be a place where a large number of houses and plots of every sizes will be available to masses with a reasonably better living environment. I guess that is going to be a win – win situation for all. BT’s announcement to go to smaller cities like Nawabshah i also a very welcoming gesture. In the times to come, one can hope to choose to live either at DHA or BT depending on the pocket size.My suggestion is to hang on and hope for the best….

  17. Shaukat says:

    Karachi is expending. DCK was first step; BT is second one, both are opening doors for many others. Huge land is available for sales in suburban area, Karachi boundary walls are broken by this 2nd big projects. More projects/Builder like BT/DCK will surely join the race in 5 years time. if it happen in short run like 2 to 3 year market dynamics will change again, with current flow exponential increase in BT prices in short run is for sure ! until plot prices come close to DCK price level, let’s see who run the race fast on development work, in all cases, in short run, this will slow down DCK transaction, holding power is important, investors will surely divert resources toward BT in short run for higher profits, if bunch of ppls holding DCK plots got panic, it will be a disaster, it will also affect BT market, places like Noriabad will attract more Industries and industrial plots prices will increase there.

  18. Abdullah says:

    Assalam o alaikum

    Iam interested in selling my plot. Size: 500 sq yards, Sector: 9D, Category: A. All installments till date paid. Serious buyers may contact.

    Allah Hafiz


  19. tariq saleem khan says:

    i have a plot of 300 sq yards for sale in sector 4C serious buyers please contact.

  20. Imran says:

    Mr. Abdullah what is your demand of 500 yards plot?

  21. Ahmed says:

    Finally the cat is out of bag. Opening price for BT 500 Sq Yards plot is about 4.6 Million (in 16 equal installments). This forms a base line price for a 500-yards plot on superhighway. Those successful in balloting would for sure expect some profit on it let say 1.0 ~ 1.5 Million atleast. Thus, the least price of a DCK 500-yard plot in any sector is going to be anything 6.0 Million and beyond. Am I right guys?….

  22. Joji says:

    Well BT is 6 KM from toll and DHA city is 26 KM…so I don’t think the prices will ever be exactly map..

  23. mdsr says:

    Thanks BT – from a plot owner of DCK!
    BT project is not for a middle class, investing about 2 lac Rupees after every quarter for smallest 125sq yards plot is not easy for common person!

  24. asif says:

    Bahria town is all nonsense. every other day, bahria is breaching people’s trust. at the time of registration process, they announced that booking forms will be delivered at homes through couriers. is there anyone in bahria, goivernment or do we need a suo motto notice from higher courts.

    here is the url of the ad that promises that booking forms will be delivered through couriers:


    Even, if Bahria had resort to not sending the forms through coriers, booking forms should be given to people having a registration slip/open certificate/transafer letter (whatever the case may be), withouth any fee.

    these guys are looting people of their hard earned money. all the agents are queuing up at bahria offices to get hold of the booking forms so that they can earn some money by selling it to registration holders at a higher (very very higher) price, which is the basic right of the registration holder.

    I want to warn bahria, if the registration holders dont’ get the booking forms, who’ll book? FARISHTEY?

  25. malik says:

    Rs 36,00,000/- THIRTY SIX LAKH quaraterly payment for 200 yards commercial!!!!!!!! unbelievable!!!!!!!!!
    for 20 installments it would be 7 Crore 20 Lakh?????

    Its unbelievable….such a high price!!!!! even CBD 200 yards in dha city peaked around 100 lakh with total payment of 38 Lakh in 10 years…. What a fraud bharia has done… who can other than investor will afford 36 Lakh quarterly payment…..Guess its time for DHA city to rise…
    See thats the difference between a commercial and organizational project.

    The BT 500 yards is 46.5 Lakh in 4 years wihtout own money , with 350,000/- per 3 months , compare it to 19 Lakh for DHA city in 10 years for which 4 has already passed!! and with easy 3 month installment of just Rs 50,000/-

    7.2 crore commercial in BT and 38 lakh + 1 crore own in CBD no match in price….Bahria has looted and i am wondering with the demand of token money without even alottment confirmation how bahria parchi will survie…..panic selling has already started inn BT with the announcement of payment schedule…its way too expensive for ordinary people to pay instllments.

    • umer says:

      even then BT attract will attract lot of investor money …………………………

      • malik says:

        even then how? its not wishing that change market forces and speculation, just as dha was hit earlier september after BT it was exactly due to reason that dha trading required much more money and manipulating market becomes difficult for investors who are aiming for short term gains,,,,,,now the same will be reversed with BT, just check the quarterly amount of 500 yarsd…its 3.5 Lakh as compared to 50,000/- of dha city, in one year alone the installment will be 14 lakh, 2 lakh parchi+2 lakh token=18 lakh and the project has not yet started…after two year you pay 18+14=32 lakh ….Now year three by which we expect start of possession in dha city you pay to BT=18+14+14=46 lakh now compare to a possession plot in DCK ???? any guessssss…. i assume at least 8 million. Got the point

  26. salman says:

    can any one tell me the price for 200sq commercial plot in category -c (serving/ retired AFN& Mujahid officer

  27. Kashif says:


    I want to purchase 300 yards resdential plot in sector 4-A and 200 yard in any category. Can somebody guide me in this regard.

    Thanks in advance.

    • imran says:

      I have 300 yards in category J residential sector 2C. My price is now PKR 65 lacs. Its nearer to the road. My cell no. Is 0342 2021774. Call me only in the afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm. Thanks.

    • mujee says:




    • shaheen says:

      salam pl offer for 200yds half benfit payment 10000 every six month for 2o years

  28. IMAKHAN says:

    I had a discussion with a couple of my friends in KHI and people are not talking about BT very positively, just bcoz of payment schedule and parchee system.

    My question is how will that impact DCK now and in coming months? What price levels should we hope for 2 kanal (Yellow 16C) and 1 kanal plot (Red 7C) now a days?

  29. Iftikhar says:

    The terms and conditions mentioned on back of Bahria Town registration form state that development charges for roads development, footpaths etc will be obtained later (plz see para 26). This means the actual price of plot in BT will definitely be much higher than mentioned in the ad. People going for BT should be mentally prepared for exhorbitant hidden charges later on.

  30. Behzad Sheikh says:

    Ass Salaam O Alaikum

    I have gone through all the discussions and follow up about dha city and Bahria

    Problem is the people who hold dha city file support dha city and bahria ones to bahria

    In Bahria the charm of attraction is the one who is successful in 125 yards will have to pay say 150000 as token even if parchi is purchased around it is 150000 – 200000, so total amount become Rs 300000 – Rs 400000, installment is around 100000 in each quarter.

    while in dha city if one has to buy 200 yards have to pay premium for sector 11E around 15 lac + 3.5 lac total 18.5 lac upfront.

    This is the attraction for people who play the market because they are forcasting even if market didn’t appreciate much atleast they will earn Rs 25000 – 50000 on about 4 lac investment, while in city as per current situation earning of 25000 – 50000 little difficult.

    Bahria is successful because they advertised after every week and active in the market, while dha city remain silent, so upto me lets wait for assestment of your purchases till first installment of bahria, when majority investor take back money , then city will come in the market again because few sector of dha city will be ready by 2015 and upto me city will provide this information to its allotees, enabling to get back the interest and we all know the one buying this plot is not only for investment purpose but also for living, so this is the best attraction and leads to jumping of the market but need now time.

  31. Mujahid says:

    I want to sell 200sqy 682-13C residential Plot in DHA city all installment has paid in advance demand is 30 lac final please contact at 0331-3062058

  32. Ahmed says:

    News is that DCK is going to announcing Phase-II soon. Any one having any idea about that?….

    • IMAKHAN says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      Can you please confirm the source of this information and by what time you think it is going to be announced?

    • Syed Zaman says:

      No. I don’t think DHA will announce the phase 2 very soon. They will wait and see the balloting result of BT and market reaction on the prices.

      By this they will have time to see the BT development and also ample time to decide the price of their phase 2. I dont think DHA is in hurry to announce.

  33. azam says:

    I wana to know that about DHA phase 9 current price for plot of 200 yards residential catagor

  34. Ali. G says:

    Bahria town and its towers are for those who are front men of looters and the guys earning in dollars or who are industrialists. Too much high prices can’t be imagined by middle class, low salaried class citizens. The nation would witness in near future the faces in Bahria property who otherwise evade from taxes and say to poor men that poor class is their strength. Thanks to DCK which has the space for middle class and small investors. Brothers am I not correct?

  35. Zaheer says:

    I am worried about continuously prices are lad down
    prices will stand or low
    best time for sale of plot , switched to BT or hold
    Is DHA phase II impact on prices of DHA phase-I

  36. Ahmed says:

    @IMAKHAN. The source of the news is someone insider. I guess it will be announce any time by now…

  37. imran says:

    i have plot in Sec 13 F 300 sqyd, and Sec 11E 22 sqyd and 15B 300 sq yd, pl mail estimated cost

  38. malik says:

    500 yard commercial wanted urgently, any sector, priority to green. serious sellers only.please reply.

  39. erfan says:


    200 yards for 15 lac civilian, all installament till date paid
    300 yards civilian 18 lac all installments paid

  40. Imran says:

    Hi All,

    I am selling my plots. Only serious buyers pls.

    2 plots 1000 sq yds in sector 16A
    1 plot 500 sq yds in sector 6
    1 plot 1000 sq yds in sector 7c
    200 sq yds commercial sector 16A (C5)
    1 plot 500 sq yds (army quota) sector 9 A

    All payments up to date made.

  41. Ali Abbas says:

    I want to sale my plot of 500 sq yrd in category B sector 12C. My demand 25 lakh ON money.


  42. The prices of Bahria Town is relatively 200% to 300% more as compared to DHA City Karachi.It is beyond the reach of average middle class of the country.Their strategy for inviting applications are also not transparent with full of ambiguity.It is apprehended that in long run the administration of Bahria Town may deprive lot of Pakistanis with thier valuable savings of life time.

    • Syed Zaman says:

      The process is not very transparent. Moreover the record track of Bahria is not very good. They have not handed over the plots to the allottee in Lahore, Rawalpindi for the last 12-15 years. Mr. Malik Riaz has resigned from the Chairmanship of Bahria Town then how come he is Chairman again. This project is not of Bahria Town it is Joint Venture of Bahria Town and Investment Group. Since the booking form is being taken for allotment of plots through balloting than why they are asking such a huge amount as token money and who approved it, Sindh Govt. For thos who wants to have property and plots for their living in Bahria Town has to wait for couple of years 15-20 years and has to pay almost double the price over the period. Whomever wants to trade the file if allotted will not have that much gain (own money) as caompate to DHA City, the reason is the high price and high amount of installment.

  43. Naveed says:

    When there is excessive marketing, it seems something definitely wrong or going to wrong…I agree that Bahria Town marketing campaign is not transparent but also perplexing to an ordinary citizen. I am holding registration slip but after careful analysis decided to back out. DHA progressing work will prove its worth in market soon compare to false commitment of Bahria. One more factor, we need to count in, Joint Venture investment is always create trouble because no one take responsibility if project fails…May Allah protect us from cheaters…Amin

  44. Ahmed says:

    I am interested in buying 1000 or 2000 sq yards plot in DCK for personel living.
    Anyone quote me reaonable own price + paid amount.


  45. Imran says:

    Small analysis,
    1. The prices of BT in case of 200 square yard plot is less than that of DHA city despite being 15 Km close to Karachi than DHA.
    2. The price of BT 500 square yard plot is Rs. 5 million in 4 years. If it goes good the price of the plot after balloting will be around Rs. 6 million allowing Rs. 1.0 million profit to the investors. This means the price of DHA City Red will also be close to Rs. 6 million immediately after balloting of BT. Later prices as rightly said by Naveed, will depend on the pace of work maintained by both the projects.
    3. The presence of BT on the Super Highway is going to promote other societies in the same vicinity and soon we are going to see mushrooming of projects – definitely the lead societies will be the one delivering projects in time.
    Therefore, no need to hurry to conclusion as it is going to be a win win situation whether you invest in either of BT or DHA, except that BT does not handover the ownership to the allottees, rather on papers despite your constructing your home, the ownership remains with the BT owner – Malki Riaz.

  46. Imran says:

    Mr. Shafi, where are you. You are being missed, as we are waiting on the updated prices of DHA City, please.

  47. saad says:

    just look at the link that what going on with BT slip/registration ownders, they are panicked, selling and feel being robbed due to high prices….
    its just a matter of few weeks when reality of huge quarterly payments will actually start pinching investors and genuine buyers.
    just look at the public response for BT

  48. malik says:

    look at this bahria fraud in lahore


    1) 148 Plots Commited by Bahria Town.
    2) Sold Out 1500 Files for 148 Plots.
    3) 50 Lack DownPayment and 17 Lack Own. Total 67 Lack Invested.
    4) Bahria issued fake Map.amd then get it back after selling 1500 Files.
    5)Bahria Town Management done this fraud with the help of few bahria payroll agents.
    6) Bahria issued a notice in pink color paper on sunday. Bahria is buying back these file after deduction of 10% downpayment.
    7) But issed the another notice at night on same day that previous noyice was fake. Bahria Diplomacy anf deceived people.
    8) On next video discouvered Bahria Personal was distributing these notice on Bahria Town. BAHRIA Town is fully involved in this scam and few payroll agents are with Bahria Town.
    9) Civic Commercial bahria town rate dropped from 67 lack to 30 Lack within 3 to 4 days.
    10) Loss of millions to people in 3 to 4 days.
    11) Now 148 plots and 1500 files against downpayment of 50 Lack plus 17 lack own.
    BAHRIA Mangement is playing hide and seek. No map and nothing listening to.anyone. When call at080000100 CCR they pretend nothing happened. Just decieving people.


  49. Aqeel says:

    I want to sell my plot size 500 sq yard /residential located in Sector 10/D if offered genuine price. thanks

  50. Imran says:

    Mr. Aqeel,
    What is your demand, please.

  51. ali says:

    i m selling 300 square feet plot
    plz let me know if interested tell me on money ur offering


  52. Zaidi says:

    I want to sell my DHA Residential Plot in sector 9-D. Please send your offers through SMS at 03458420383.
    Thanks Jazak Allah

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